5 Free Game Booster Apps for Android

Here is a list of 5 free game booster apps for Android. Apps and tasks run in the background on Android. This can take a significant amount of resources on Android. Since games are resource-intensive, it can have an impact on the gameplay. There can be framerate loss, lag, stutter, etc. To avoid that, it is nice to terminate extra tasks and free up memory for better performance. That’s exactly what these 5 apps are for.

These apps terminate the unwanted and background tasks with 1-tap. This frees up memory as well as system resources. This way, when you start a game, you can have a better performance. Each of these apps offers additional functionalities. Some auto boost the performance in the background. Some apps can show resources and FPS on the screen. And some apps also come with GFX tools that allow you to configure the graphics options. You can check out these apps one by one and pick the one that suits your needs.

My Favorite Game Booster App

Game Booster 4x Faster Free is my favorite game booster app on this list. This app offers various features to boost and optimize the gaming performance on the device. For starters, clear up the memory with one touch and activates the gaming mode automatically when you launch a game. Then you can tune the various system aspects including brightness, sound, data, network, etc. It shows storage and network latency on the screen. Apart from that, it enables support for VULKAN and OPENGL 3.1+ and allows you to configure various graphics settings.

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Game Booster 4x Faster Free

Game Booster 4x Faster is a free game booster app for Android. This app is designed to improve the performance of resource-intensive games. When set up, it enables the gaming mode automatically whenever you launch a game. It can monitor system performance and show network latency on the screen. Apart from that, this app lets you tune various graphics settings with support for VULKAN and OPENGL 3.1+. You can adjust the graphics settings for better resolution and in-game visual effects. Do note that if you changed anything in the in-game graphics settings, close the game and re-apply your setting from this app before playing.


  • Boost your device’s performance with just one touch.
  • Auto Gaming Mode.
  • Game Turbo: RAM-Free Tweak, AI Optimization, HDR Picture Quality & Special Effects.
  • System Performance Tuner: Monitors the system performance, check for system stability and fixes various issues.
  • HUD display Storage and Network Latency.
  • Enable support for VULKAN and OPENGL 3.1+ for better Hardware-Accelerated Rendering.

Game Booster | Launcher

Game Booster is a free Android app to boost game performance. This app offers various features to boost and optimize the gaming performance on the device. It has Game Launcher that automatically detects all the games installed on your device. It lits all the games from where you can launch any game. On the main screen, it shows the RAM usage along with CPU temperature. From there, you can boost the device to get better performance. This app can also show FPS on the screen. You can enable the FPS to keep an eye on the performance and set the app to auto boost for continuous better performance.


  • Arrange all the installed games in one place with Game Launcher.
  • Automatically detects and lists in the Game Launcher.
  • Show the FPS of the device and measure the device’s performance.
  • Monitor device temperature.
  • Use Crosshair in first-person shooter games for better aiming.
  • Keep track of how much your RAM is used.

Game Booster - Speed Up

Game Booster is another free Android app to improve gaming performance on Android devices. This is a simple booster app that comes with a handful of features to enhance the gaming experience. It adds a boost button on the home screen. Before launching any game or app, you can tap on that button to free up RAM and get better performance. You can add and manage your games in this app. Whenever you play a game that you added to this app, it blocks the notification popup. This way, you can continue playing without any interruptions. Furthermore, it can show a crosshair on the screen which you can drag and place anywhere. It can also show real-time frame rates to help you monitor the system performance while gameplay.


  • 1-tap Boost: Adds a home screen shortcut to clear the RAM and boost the performance.
  • Game Manager: Add and manage all your games within this app.
  • Crosshair: Add a draggable crosshair on the screen to enhance shooting & aiming skills.
  • FPS: Shows real-time display frames per second (FPS) at the top right of the screen.
  • Notification Blocker: Disable any interruption while gameplay.

Game Booster - One Tap Advanced Speed Booster

Game Booster is another free app to improve the gaming performance on Android. It is a game management and booster app that can boost performance with one touch. You can add your games to this app and boost any game before playing. You can build multiple gaming modes and apply a gaming mode of your choice to any game. This boosts the performance before launching the game and applies your configured settings. On top of that, it offers customizable GFX tools for optimizing graphics performance. It can unlock max FPS, max resolution, and reduce lag by setting graphics accordingly.


  • Boost any game or overall device performance in one click.
  • Game Collection: Add your games to access them all in one place.
  • Game Play Modes: Create custom game modes and apply different modes to different games.
  • Configure Mobile-Data, Bluetooth, Brightness, Screen Rotation, Data Auto-Sync, and Sounds.
  • GFX Tools: Adjust Resolution, HDR Graphics, FPS, Color Filters, Shadows, and Rendering Quality.

Game Booster - Speed Up & Live Stream Games

Game Booster is yet another free game booster app for Android. This app can boost the performance of the device with one 1-tap. It kills the background apps and tasks to free up RAM. You can create a custom gameplay mode in this app. For each gameplay mode, you can set the brightness, network, sound, and data options. Apart from that, this app has screen recording functionality. It can record your gameplay while playing. It does not support there. This app can also stream your gameplay live on YouTube and Twitch. You can configure your account and settings in this app and live-stream your gameplay.


  • 1-Tap Boost: Kills unnecessary tasks and apps and frees up memory to boost performance.
  • Screen Record: Record gameplay and save it as a video file.
  • Live-stream Game: Stream your gameplay to YouTube and Twitch.
  • Custom Gameplay Mode: Create and customize gameplay mode with different brightness, sound, data, network settings.
  • GFX Tools: Configure FPS Limit, Rederning Quality, Resolution, Shadows, Graphics, Anti-aliasing, etc.
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