4 Best Free Hotel Management Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free Hotel Management Software for Windows. These hotel management systems are absolutely free to use and can be installed on your PC. Using these software, you will be able to manage current reservations, bookings, check-ins, check-outs, billing, customer info, rooms, services, rates, staff, and more. These hotel management software for PC also let you generate custom reports, so that you can take a look at all kind of statistics regarding your business.

Some of the unique options provided by these software let you:

  • Add and manage services like conference room, party hall, etc.
  • Add meals to rooms.
  • Manage restaurant tables.
  • Receive reservations online from websites.

There are plenty more hotel management options that these software provide. More features have been discussed in brief below in respective software sections.

My Favorite Free Hotel Management Software:

I like KWHotel and nobeds the most. KWHotels provides a plenty of options for hotel property management. Apart from regular reservation options, you can also manage extra services and meals from here. nobeds is another good hotel manager solution. It’s easy to use interface makes it incredibly user friendly. You can manage reservations, manage tasks, and carry out other functions very swiftly.

If your hotel property has a restaurant, you may consider looking at these Free POS software for easy table and order management. These Recipe Software will also come in handy to keep and easily access recipes whenever required.


KWHotel is a free hotel management software for Windows that lets you manage room bookings easily. You can take care of various hotel management aspects, like bookings, services, meals, billing, reports, customer info, and more, on a very simple interface.

You can schedule bookings, make current reservations, and view the reservation summary for a given period of time on a calendar based timeline. Group reservation option is also available. Bookings for rooms are displayed on the timeline according to the type of booking, and there are color codes for various booking types. Apart from rooms, you can also make booking for birthday halls, conference rooms, or any other services that you provide. For ongoing stays, you can add meals.

There are various modules available on the interface, providing service and configuration based options. In Service and Meals modules, you can add new services and meals that you provide, respectively. These services or meals can be added to a room from the respective modules. All the customer details can be accessed and new details can be added from the Customers module. Add new rooms to your property in the Rooms module. To define rates for a service or room types, you can go to the Rate Plans module. In case, you want to pull out booking statistic report, they are available in Statistics section. More detailed and custom reports can be generated from the Reports menu.

You can even create multiple Users to access this software. Users can be given custom permissions to access the features available.

KWHotel is an easy to use hotel management system. It comes with various features that will make management of bookings and other crucial things simple.

Note: In the free version of this software, the Accounting module is unavailable.


nobeds is another feature rich hotel management software that is completely free to use. It is a multi platform solution and is available for Windows, Android, iOS, and OS X. With easy access to all the features, this hotel management system makes tasks simple for you.

The welcome screen of this software is its Dashboard. You can do pretty much everything from Dashboard. Add reservations, approve bookings, get invoice, view occupancy statistics, view check-ins and check-outs for a day, search for a reservation, and more. The Calendar displays month wise overall bookings. Take care of expense and income from the Accounting menu. Booking statistics according to dates can be viewed in the Charts menu. This hotel management system also allows you to add Tasks, such as: clean up room, laundry, etc.

All the settings can be configured from the Settings menu. From here, you can add/change rooms, define rates, add services, create users, define sync settings, setup database, and more.

The free version of nobeds also offers a single page website for your property. This website will be linked to your nobeds account.

This hotel management software is one of the best options out there and is free to use.


HotelDruid is an opensource hotel management software for Windows. Its a PHP based web application and requires MySQL as database. It has a very simple interface, with all the options neatly arranged to help you add and manage reservations.

On the main screen of the interface, you get options to add reservation, add clients, view reservation table, manage income and expense, check for room availability, and more. There are various other options that let you manage and configure reservations, tables, clients, rates, and backup options.  You can also add multiple Users to manage your property using this software.

You can also view room booking statistics, payment history, and expense/income statistics using this hotel management system.

It is one of the simplest open source hotel manager software to manage rooms, clients, accounts, and more.

Abacre Cloud Hotel Management System

Abacre Cloud Hotel Management System is another web browser based free hotel management software for Windows. It lets you easily process and manage reservations, check-ins & check-outs, billing, rooms, and more. A hotel’s website is also created automatically, allowing guests to check room availability, prices, and make bookings.

Once its server is installed, it can be accessed by multiple users on their respective computers within a local network. You can create multiple User accounts for the same.

Talking about the interface, its very simplified, and lets you carry out various operations. You can add and view advance reservations, current stays, room orders, customer information, and more. End Of Day is another good option that lets you end a day’s shift, with options to manage cash in drawer.

This free hotel management service also lets you generate Reports. A number of custom reports can be pulled out based on hotel sales, reservations, clients, users, inventory, and more.

An inbuilt Email sender has been provided as well. This option lets you send invoices, reports, etc. as email.

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