5 Free ID Card Maker Apps for Android

Here is a list of 5 free ID card maker apps for Android. If you are looking for an app for making ID cards then this list can help. It features 5 different card maker apps to design cards batch as well as one at a time.

Some of these apps feature templates for different types of cards. Some allow you to customize the template fully including design, layout, data fields, and background. Whereas some allow very limited customizations such as data fields, QR codes, etc. You can finalize the template by adding the institute/company/organization name and logo. Once the template is ready, you can just add the name and other data fields along with a photo to create an ID card. Depending on the app, you can export the cards one by one or in batch and get those printed.

My Favorite ID Card Maker App

Card Maker with Photo is my favorite ID card maker app on this list. This app features 1000+ templates for different types of cards including, ID cards, visiting cards, visitor cards, employee IDs, business cards, etc. You can simply pick a template and customize it to make your own template for creating cards. The cards contain data and a photo along with an optional Barcode or QR code. The cards are saved as PDF files which can be printed easily.

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Card Maker with Photo

Card Maker with Photo is a free Android app to make ID cards. This app features over 1000 card templates that are customizable. Users can pick a template of their choice and edit that to make their own. The card has a front and a backside. The backside is optional but customizable. They can then add the company/institute name and logo to finish the template. In terms of design, users can create a custom background for the card. Alternatively, they can pick the automatic option that creates a random card design for you. Once the template is ready, users can simply add information and make the card. They can add data, photos, and QR/Barcode codes. After making the card, users can export that to PDF and get it printed.


  • 1000+ Customizable Card Templates
  • Edit Front & Back of the Card
  • Create Custom Background for Cards
  • Automatic Card Design
  • Add Company/Institute Name & Logo
  • Add Data and Photo to Make ID Cards
  • Add QR Code and QR Code
  • PDF Export

ID Cards

ID Cards is a free ID card maker app for Android. In this app, users can create their own ID card template. They can add custom data fields on the ID card along with the photo. After creating a template, it is simple to make the ID cards. Users just have to add the photo and the data to make the ID card. Once the ID card is ready, it can be saved to local storage for printing. This app can add up to 8 ID cards on a single page for priting.


  • Create Custom ID Card Template
  • Make ID Card by adding Photo & Data
  • Save up to 8 ID Cards on a Single Page for Print

My ID Card

My ID Card is another free ID card maker app for Android. This app has pre-build ID Card templates for students, institutes, Employees, and companies. For each category, users can create any number of cards. The ID Cards can have data, a photo, and a QR Code. All the ID cards are saved under that category that users can access and edit anytime. This makes it convenient to make changes to the ID cards.


  • ID Card Templates for Student, Institute, Employee, Company
  • Manage All Cards under a Category
  • Add Data, Photo, and QR Code

iD Card Generator

iD Card Generator is a free Android app to make ID cards. This app is for making ID cards for schools and coaching institutes only, It features a single pre-defined template that can be set in vertical or landscape orientation. The template has an option to add an institute name and logo. With that, the template is ready. Then users can simply add student data and photos and make ID cards.


  • For School and Coaching Institute Only
  • Add Institute Name and Logo
  • Add Data and Photo

ID Card

ID Card is another free ID card maker app for Android. This app is designed for the digital education system. It can create visiting cards, ID cards, and visitor cards. In either case, users can pick the pre-defined template. After picking up the template, they can add a photo and data to create the ID card.


  • Designed for Digital Education System
  • Visiting Card, Identity card, and Visitor Card
  • Add Photo and Data
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