10 Free Quiz Maker Apps for Android

Here is a list of the best free quiz maker apps for Android. Quizzes have many use cases. Those can be fun trivia games, general questions, to full-blown exams as well. If you want to create for any reason then this list can help. It covers 10 free dedicated quiz maker apps.

It is a mix of online as well as offline quiz maker apps. But in either, there are options to share the quiz with others. Each app comes with its own feature set. Almost all these apps offer multiple types of questions that you can add to the quiz. Some apps have a gamified trivia-type approach to quizzes whereas some go with the more traditional approach with additional features. I recommend you go through the list and check these apps yourself. Depending on your needs, you can find the one that is perfect for making your quizzes.

My Favorite Quiz Maker App

Topgrade Quiz Maker is my favorite quiz maker app on this list. This app packs lots of features in a simple and easy-to-navigate interface. With this app, you can create quizzes with any number of questions in those quizzes. It supports 14 different question types. Depending on the need, you can add any type of question to the quiz. In fact, you can add all 14 types of questions in a single quiz if you want. Moreover, it allows you to add images to the quiz. This comes in handy for visual understanding and that type of question. After marking the quiz, you can also set a time for each question. Finally, you can publish the quiz on this app which gives you a link to share the quiz online. This allows you to easily share the quiz with anyone.

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Topgrade Quiz Maker

Topgrade Quiz Maker is a free Android app to make quizzes. This is a simple yet feature-packed app for making quizzes. This app can create quizzes with any number of questions. It packs 14 types of question templates. Users can simply pick a template and add their questions. They can add multiple types of questions in the same quizzes. And if there is a need to add images to questions that can be done as well. Furthermore, while making the quiz, the maker can add a time limit for the questions. In the end, the quiz can be published and shared online. Anyone with the link can find and answer the quiz online.


  • Add Unlimited Questions
  • 14 Types of Questions
  • Include Images in Questions
  • Add Time Limit for Questions
  • Share Quizzes Online


Quizzicle is a free quiz maker app for Android. This is a platform to make and take quizzes. The app features a collection of quizzes on various topics posted by users. Anyone can take a public quiz and get their score marked in the app. In terms of creating the quiz, the process is quite simple. Users can simply create a quiz with multiple-choice, multiple answers, and short answer questions. They can set a time limit for the quiz and post the quiz to share it online. This app has study and exam modes. The study mode shows the correct answer right after when users answer the questions. Whereas the exam mode shows the right answers when the quiz is over.


  • Organize Quizzes in Categories
  • Play Quizzes and Get Score
  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, and Short Answer
  • Study/Exam Mode
  • Add Time Limit for the Quiz

Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes

Kahoot is a free quiz maker app for Android. This is an online platform for online quizzes and trivia games. The app features quizzes on various topics. The quizzes are gamified. Users can create and publish their own quizzes. They can share the quizzes online and invite people to play. A quiz can have multiple choice questions with options to add photos and videos as well. It is available in multiple languages which makes this app a good place to learn and make quizzes.


  • Gamified Quizzes
  • Create Quizzes and host Online
  • Add Photos and Videos to Quizzes
  • Share Quizzes Online
  • Support Multiple Languages

Quiz Maker (Create Quiz, Questionnaire & Test)

Quiz Maker is another free Android app to make quizzes. This is a simple app to play, create, and share quizzes. The app offers a simple interface where users can create quizzes under separate categories. This app can create quizzes with multiple-choice, single-answer, and open-ended questions with an option to add photos in the question. After creating the quizzes, users can share the quiz file directly with others. Other users of this app can open that file in the app and play the quizzes.


  • Create Quiz Categories
  • Create quizzes with Multiple Choice, Single Answers, Open-Ended Questions
  • Add Photos in Questionnaires
  • Share Quiz (*.qcm file)

Quizzer (create quizzes and tests)

Quizzer is a free quiz maker app for Android. This is a simple app to create and share quizzes. With this app, users can create as many quizzes with as many questions as they want. The app allows various types of questions to add to the quiz including multiple-choice, True/False, and Single Answers. However, it does not support photos in the quizzes. In the end, users can share the quizzes with others. This app also lets users lock the quizzes so no one can open the quiz until allowed. Also, users can backup all their quizzes to local storage and restore them when needed.


  • Create Quizzes
  • Multiple Choice, True/False, Single Answer Questions
  • Share Quizzes
  • Backup and Lock Quizzes

CAQ (Create a Quiz/Test Maker)

CAQ is another free quiz maker app for Android. This is one of the simplest apps to create quizzes. It offers straightforward options to create a quiz. In the quiz, users can type their questions along with the right answer and multiple wrong answers. Apart from that, users can also add 4 more types of questions including picture questions. Upon making the quiz, they can share it with others and export it to the local storage.


  • Create Quiz
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Written Questions
  • Picture Questions, Flashcards
  • Import/Export Quizzes

Quiz Maker Offline

Quiz Maker Offline is a free quiz maker app for Android. This is an app to create trivia game-style quizzes. Users can create projects and make multiple quizzes into that. The quizzes can have any number of multiple-choice questions. Users can set the lifelines, hints, and other gamified options in the project. Then they can export the project and share the quiz with other users of the app.


  • Trivia Game style Quizzes
  • Organize Quizzes in Projects
  • Import/Export Projects

Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker is another free Android app to create quizzes. This is a simple app that offers quizzes with multiple-choice questions. Right on the start screen, it greets the users with an option to create quizzes. Users can add their questions along with the choices to create the quiz. They can set the quiz to shuffle questions and choices every time the quiz is opened. Additionally, a password can also be set to start the quiz. The app also has a scoreboard where it shows the combined score of all the quizzes. The quizzes are offline but users can export/import the quizzes for backup and sharing.


  • Simple Quizzes
  • Password to Enter
  • Import/Export Quizzes

Quiz Creator

Quiz Creator is a free quiz maker app for Android. This app features a simple user interface where users can create quizzes with multiple types of questions. Users can start creating a quiz and within each question, they can pick the question type and add the respective options. Once done, they can export the quiz to share it with others. The app also tracks the quiz statistics where it shows the question succession rate on a chart.


  • Multiple Types of Questions
  • Quiz Statistics
  • Import/Export Quizes

Quiz Maker Plus (Early Access)

Quiz Maker Plus is yet another free quiz maker app for Android. This app is currently in the “Early Access” phase. This app can create quizzes with 8 types of questions. It can add multiple-choice questions, single answer questions, open-ended questions with single, open-ended with multiple answers, Enumeration, Fill the blanks,  Match columns, and Put in order type of questions. Along with that, it also offers an option to add photos or audio to the question. This app uses the ‘*.qcm’ file format for quizzes. Users can export their quizzes and send the file to share the quiz with others.


  • 8 Types of Questions
  • Add Picture and Audio in the Quiz
  • Import/Export Quiz (*.qcm file)
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