5 Free Map Maker Apps for Android

Here is a list of 5 free map maker apps for Android. Custom maps are handy to help someone find a location, share trails with others, and for other similar actives. Apps like Google Maps, Bing Maps, etc, offer a detail-rich view of the places around the world. But you can not customize or edit those maps in any way. If you want to create a custom map that you can share with others, then this list can help you with that.

Three of these apps feature a detail-rich map like Google Map where you can locate addresses and places. You can add track, draw over maps, add custom labels and create a route. One app offers simple minimal maps of the world that can be handy for academic purposes. There is one app that allows you to create custom fantasy maps. You can create maps of your own for fiction stories, games, etc.

My Favorite Map Maker App

Travel Map Maker is my favorite map maker app on this list. This app uses Google Map data so it is easy to find addresses. It has the map, satellite, and street views, you can easily toggle between those at your convenience. Once you pick a location, you can add markers on the map, add labels and trails. You can also measure distances within the map and merge multiple maps into a single map. Once the map is complete, you can export it to the device and share it with others.

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Travel Map Maker

Travel Map Maker is a free map maker app for Android. It is simple to create custom maps with this map. This app uses Google Map so it has lots of data with satellite view and street view as well. It can measure the distance and add markers on the map. With this app, users can create a detailed map that can be shared and used. The app can also merge multiple maps together and backup the map to make it easy to share with others.


  • Create Custom Map
  • Map and Satellite View
  • Add Markers on the Map
  • Measure Distance
  • Edit, Copy and Merge Maps
  • Backup Maps


MapChart is a free map maker app for Android. This app can create custom maps of any region of the world. Users can choose regions/countries like world map, US/counties, Africa, Asia, China, Russia, UK, and many more. After picking a map of choice, users can add colors to the map and set map legends with a label for each color. Additionally, they can change background, borders, size, etc. Once the map is done, it can be downloaded and share easily.


  • Create Custom Map
  • World Map and Subdivision Maps
  • Simple Map Layer
  • Add Colors on Map
  • Add Legends

Map & Draw - Custom Map Maker

Map & Draw is another free map maker app for Android. This app uses Google Map with the terrain view. It lets users search addresses, scribble, and draw over the map with different colors. With the scribble and draw options, users can create custom routes on the map. After making a custom map, users can save the map in the app and then share it with others.


  • Create Custom Map
  • Search Address
  • Scribble on Map
  • Draw Custom Route on Map
  • Save and Share Maps

Mapply: Map Maker

Mapply is a free map maker app for Android. This is a simple app to make custom maps. It uses Google Map with a terrain view. Users can find addresses on the map. The map also has road and street data. Users can simply find and highlight roads and streets. They can mark places with memos, icons, and add pictures. Once the map is complete, it can be saved as a KMZ file. Since the KMZ file can not contain image files, it offers an option to take snapshots of the map or use the Mapple data file instead.


  • Create Custom Map
  • Add Memo and Markers
  • Save Maps as Snapshots, KMZ, and Mapple Data File

Fantasy Map Maker - Worlds

Fantasy Map Maker is yet another custom map maker app for Android. This app is to make fantasy maps, not the actual world map. IT can come in handy to make custom maps for games, stories, fiction, etc. Users can pick a color for the map or add different colors for different regions. They can also mark boundaries and add labels on the map. Once the map is made, it can be exported as a PNG file.


  • Create Custom Fantasy Maps
  • Add Labels and Boundaries
  • Draw over Maps
  • Use Colors as Background
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