5 Best Free Mouse Acceleration Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free mouse acceleration software for Windows. Individual users have different preferences as to how fast their mouse cursor travels across the screen when they move their mouse. Luckily, there are various mouse acceleration software which allow you to both increase and decrease mouse cursor acceleration as per your preference. Not just that, but some software also let you modify settings like Scroll Speed, Double-Click Speed, Cursor Precision, etc.

Most mouse acceleration software are console based and they can only increase and decrease mouse speed. To use these software, you have to run specific commands in command prompt to vary the mouse cursor acceleration. Overall, all of these software are simple in changing mouse speed. Go through this list to know more about each software and how to use them.

My Favorite Mouse Acceleration Software For Windows:

EitherMouse is my favorite mouse acceleration software because you can quickly access it from the system tray and increase mouse speed with it. Plus, other mouse settings like mouse precision, multi-cursor, mouse button settings, etc. can also be quickly varied from its interface.

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EitherMouse is a free mouse acceleration software for Windows. Using this software, you can not only adjust mouse acceleration, but you can also modify various mouse settings, namely: Enhance Mouse Precision, Double click speed, Scroll wheel speed, and Scroll direction. Besides this, some interesting features such as Multi-Cursor (to work with multiple cursors), Mirror Cursor, Swap Mouse Buttons (for left-hand use), Swap Navigation Buttons, etc. are also available in this software.

Increasing the acceleration of the mouse through this software is really simple as you just need to drag the Mouse Speed Slider towards the right. You can immediately notice the increase in mouse acceleration while moving the slider. Similarly, you can decrease the mouse speed by dragging the slider towards left. It also shows the current mouse speed just above the mouse speed slider which can vary between 1 and 20.

Overall, it is a really handy tool to increase the mouse acceleration and also to configure the mouse in various ways. Plus, this software is always available in the system tray from where you can quickly access it and change necessary mouse parameters including mouse acceleration.

Windows Built In Mouse Acceleration Feature

Windows 10 also provides a built-in mouse acceleration feature named as Mouse Properties through which you can easily increase or decrease mouse acceleration. Through the Mouse Properties, you can modify many mouse related features like double-click speed, button configuration, mouse cursor symbol, scroll direction, speed, and various other mouse properties.

To access the Windows default mouse acceleration feature and increase the mouse speed, you need to follow few simple steps:

  • Access the Control Panel and go to Hardware and Sound settings.
  • Now, search for Mouse option and open it to view the Mouse Properties window.
  • Inside Mouse Properties, you get various tabs named Buttons, Pointers, Pointers Options, Wheel, and Hardware.
  • Select and open the Pointers tab and increase the mouse acceleration by moving the Motion slider towards the right. You can decrease mouse acceleration as well by moving the slider towards the left.
  • Lastly, press the Apply button and then OK to save the modified mouse speed.

Overall, it is a simple way to accelerate mouse speed without installing an additional software.


Mat or Mouse Acceleration Toggler is a free mouse acceleration software for Windows. It is a Console based software and doesn’t come with any interface. Using it, you can increase as well as decrease the mouse cursor speed. The speed of mouse can be varied between level 1 to 20. Before speeding up mouse acceleration, check the current speed of your mouse by double-clicking on the Mat setup. Now, to increase the mouse speed first, open the Command Prompt and paste the path of this software and put a space after the path and write accel=on speed=15 (or any number greater than the initial speed and equal or smaller than 20) and press Enter.

For example: E:\MattMouseAccelToggler>Mat.exe accel=on speed=20

You can notice the increase in mouse acceleration as soon as you execute the command.

If you want to turn off the mouse acceleration, then write accel=off. You can also use accel=toggle to reverse the state of mouse i.e. if mouse acceleration is off, then the toggle command turns on the acceleration. Overall, it is small and quite effective software to increase the mouse acceleration.


SetMouseSpeed is another free console based mouse acceleration software for Windows. This software helps you increase and decrease the mouse acceleration. It provides mouse speed levels between 1 to 20 where 1 is slowest and 20 is the fastest. Plus, you can also use commands like slow, fast, normal, speed++, and speed–. The slow, fast, and normal commands set mouse speed level to 1, 10, and 20 respectively, whereas speed++ and speed–, increase or decrease the mouse speed by one level.

Before increasing the mouse acceleration, it is better to know the current mouse speed so that you can set the speed level accordingly. To know the current mouse speed, enter the path of this software into Command prompt and press Enter. Now, to accelerate the mouse speed, again enter the path of this software and write the appropriate speed value and press Enter, e.g.C:\LISTOFFREEWARE\Mouse Acceleration>SetMouseSpeed.exe 20.

Similar to entering the numerical values, you can use speed++, speed–, fast, normal, etc. commands instead of speed values to vary the mouse acceleration.


MouseSpeed is yet another free console based mouse acceleration software for Windows. It can also be used as a mouse speed changer as it lets you increase as well as decrease the mouse speed. Like other similar software, it also lets you change speed level between 1 and 20 where 1 represents the slowest speed and 20 represents the fastest mouse speed. Besides this, it does not support other commands like slow, fast, etc. to modify the mouse acceleration.

To use this software, first, launch the Command Prompt and enter the path of mousespeed.exe and press Enter to know the current mouse speed. Similarly, again enter the full path of mousespeed.exe and then submit any mouse speed value between current speed and maximum speed (20). Lastly, press Enter to accelerate your mouse speed. The complete command in Command prompt will look like this,C:\Users\LISTOFFREEWARE>mouseSpeed.exe 18 You can also decrease the speed of mouse by providing a value lower than the initial mouse speed.

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