6 Best Free Mouse Cursor Changer Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free mouse cursor changer software for Windows. These cursor customizer software let you easily change default mouse cursors to either static cursors (.cur) or animated cursors (.ani), by simply browsing the respective files on your PC. You can customize mouse cursors for different states individually, which include Normal Select, Help Select, Working In Background, Busy, Precision Select, Text Select, Handwriting, Unavailable, Vertical/Horizontal Resize, Diagonal Resize, Move, Alternate Select, and Link Select.

One of these software facilitates you with an additional feature of designing your own cursors. Using it, you can create custom mouse pointers using drawing and editing tools. A few of these cursor changer software offer some pretty themes of cursors to change your mouse cursors to. If you didn’t already know, you can even use default Windows Settings in order to customize mouse pointers. So, you can go through this list of cursor changers and find one to suit your need.

My Favorite Free Mouse Cursor Changer Software:

RealWorld Cursor Editor is my favorite cursor changer in this list. Not only changing cursors, you can even create static as well as animated cursor. I liked Cursor Manager too as it provides some attractive cursor themes to customize mouse cursors. RealWorld Change Cursor is another nice one as it makes the task of changing mouse cursors extremely easy. Checkout the list to know how.

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RealWorld Cursor Editor

RealWorld Cursor Editor is a fully featured mouse cursor customizer software for Windows. To simply use it as a cursor changer, go to Customize tab. There, you will find general events/states to customize mouse pointers for. Some of these events are Working In Background, Busy, Precision Select, Text Select, Handwriting, Move, and Unavailable. To change default pointer for an event, you can browse a cursor file (animated or static cursor) and then click on Apply button to save change.

Not just customize cursor, you can even create your own cursors using this software. Isn’t that great? Let’s talk how:

  • Go to Create tab to create customized cursor pointers. You can create a new cursor by designing one or create one using an image from your PC, raster image, image from clipboard, or capturing desktop. You can edit cursor size as default (32) or Win7 (32, 48) and choose color depth from 1, 4, 8, 24, and 32 bits.
  • You can create static as well as animated cursors.
  • The new Cursor Editor window (see full screenshot) provides all essential, and even few advanced editing and drawing tools to create cursor in desired design. Some of these tools are Animations (insert frames, change animation speed, reverse frame order, etc.), Effects, Adjust (colorize, brightness, contrast, etc.), Layer (create raster layer, duplicate layer, etc.), Mask, Image Transformation, and some more.

It might seem a bit difficult to design cursors in the beginning, but you can check tutorials provided by RealWorld Cursor Editor in its Online tab.

It is one of the best cursor changer software as you can customize cursors as well as create new ones. It supports multiple languages including English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, etc.

Mouse & Touchpad (Default Windows Settings)

Mouse & Touchpad settings (Windows Settings > Devices) can be utilized in order to change the mouse cursor or pointer. You can access cursor changer settings by clicking on Additional mouse options. In Mouse Properties window, go to Pointers tab. From here, you can easily customize mouse pointers.

You can customize mouse cursors by using default pointers or browsing cursors on PC. The browsed cursors can be Animated Cursors (.ANI) or Static Cursors (.CUR). Also, it lets you choose a scheme for changing mouse pointers like Windows Inverted, Magnified, Windows Standard, Windows Black, etc. You can even enable pointer shadow.

Now, let’s talk about events for which you can customize pointers. It lets you change cursors for Normal Select, Help Select, Working In Background, Busy, Precision Select, Text Select, Handwriting, Unavailable, Vertical/Horizontal Resize, Diagonal Resize, Move, Alternate Select, and Link Select.

Simply go to Pointers Options tab to customize few more preferences for mouse cursor. These preferences include pointer speed and enabling or disabling settings like display pointer trails, hide pointer while typing, show location of pointer when I press CTRL key, and automatically move pointer to the default button in a dialog box.

These are the default “mouse cursor customization” features offered by Windows, using which you can easily change mouse pointers. You can also customize mouse buttons using same settings window. Follow the link to know more.

RealWorld Change Cursor

RealWorld Change Cursor is a dedicated cursor changer utility. Unlike RealWorld Cursor Editor, it doesn’t provide any user interface to changer cursor. But as you download the program file, it is added to the context menu of the cursor files (static and animated cursors) present on your PC (visible in above screenshot). So, you can simply go to a cursor file on your PC, right-click on it, navigate to Change Cursor option, and choose an event for assigning that specific cursor to. Simple, isn’t it? You don’t have to juggle between too many settings options or launch another software. It is the easiest tool to use for changing mouse pointers.

Cursor Manager

Cursor Manager is another free cursor changer software. Unlike other mentioned software, it doesn’t let you customize different mouse states individually, but provides some cool themes to change all your cursors states to. These themes are sets of predefined cursors for each mouse cursor state. It provides five different kinds of themes which are Bindweed Cursors, Pink Premium, Icy Blue, Heart Pink Set, and Aqua Swirls. These cursor designs are really fascinating (see the full screenshot).

Although it doesn’t lets you customize mouse pointers individually, but I really liked Heart Pink Set as well as other cursor themes. With one click, you can change your boring mouse pointers to attractive and interesting ones.

Daanav Mouse Cursor Changer

Daanav Mouse Cursor Changer is yet another free software to change mouse cursor, but only the ‘normal select’ cursor. You can browse three cursor files (CUR or ANI) and store them into this software, at a time. After adding desired cursor file, you can assign it to the normal select cursor using Make Current option. That’s about it. It doesn’t let you change other mouse pointers other than normal select one. So if you just one to customize normal select pointer, you can use this simple tool.


DotMouse is a portable cursor changer tool. It is a basic and simple mouse pointer changer.

It lets you change your mouse arrow to some fun GIFs provided by this software. There 20 of these GIFs including Red Butterfly, Green Snake, Spacy Radar, Medium Arrow, White Cat, Ocean Fish, Moving Missile, Jet Airplane, etc. When you double click on any of the GIFs, your mouse arrow is changed to that GIF. It rotates the mouse cursor in the moving direction.

Using this freeware, you can only change the mouse arrow to provided GIFs. It doesn’t change mouse cursor for any other state or action. It is lightweight and extremely easy to use.

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