5 Best Free Open Source Logic Simulator Software for Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Open Source Logic Simulator Software for Windows. These logic simulators are completely free and open source. Along with their setup files, you can also download their source code that you can study and manipulate.

These software help you design logical circuits with components including various logic gates, different types of input and output, flip-flop, multiplexer, wires, memory, arithmetic, switches, and more. After creating a logical circuit, you can simulate it in real-time. These software provide a good set of features to simulate and analyze logical circuits including step simulation, circuit statistics, circuit summary, functions used, etc. Apart from that, some software also let you view and simulate logical circuit with an Oscilloscope.

In a few software, you can also generate and view truth table and Boolean expressions for designed logical circuit. In one of these, you can generate a K-map by entering a truth table and create a logical circuit directly by giving respective Boolean expression as input. You can also export logical circuit in image formats such as PNG, SVG, BMP, etc. All in all, these are featured logical simulators which come with an open source license.

My Favorite Free Open Source Logic Simulator Software for Windows:

Digital is my favorite software on this list as it provides most number of features to design and simulate logic gates. You can also generate truth table through this software as well as enter a Boolean expression to create respective logic circuit.

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Digital is a free open source logical simulator software for Windows. It is a feature rich logic gate simulator that comes in a portable package. So, you don’t need to install it on your system and can use it directly by running its executable file.

It provides various logic circuit components to create a diagram including logic gates, input and output, wires (ground, supply voltage, tunnel, splitter, etc.), flip-flop, plexers, memory, arithmetic, switches, and some additional components. It provides various examples of logic circuits which you can study, analyze, or modify accordingly. Now, let us checkout some of its main features which you can look forward to.

Key Features:

  • You can simulate designed logical circuit in real time.
  • It lets you view circuit statistics including inputs, bits, etc.
  • It lets you run a speed test to calculate maximum frequency.
  • It offers dedicated features to show measurement value table and measurement graph.
  • You can run a test to verify your design.
  • It lets you run a circuit in single gate step mode, calculate gate step, and execute all single gates steps until a rising edge is detected on a break component.
  • It lets you export circuit diagram as SVG, PNG, and other formats.

Additional Features:

  • You get an Analysis feature in it that lets you truth table of designed logical circuit and all possible Boolean expressions.
  • You can generate a K-Map using truth table through its Synthesis feature. Plus, you can also create circuits with JK flip flops, two input gates, NAND gates, etc., using truth table.
  • It lets you generate logical circuit by entering a specific Boolean expressions.
  • It offers a “Finite State Machines” editor that you can use to create FSM which can be converted to a state transition table.


It is one of the best open source logical simulator that provides all standard and additional features to design advanced logical circuits.

Logical Circuit

Logical Circuit is a nice open source logic simulator software for Windows. It lets you create and simulate logic gates and circuits using multiple inputs, outputs, primitive logic gates, and memory components. You can add multiple types of inputs and outputs to your logical circuit including pin, button, clock, constant, sensor, LED, LED matrix, 7-seg, splitter, graphics array, buzzer, probe, etc. It also lets you add text notes to create logic circuits. To create logical circuits, you need to simply drag and drop required elements from the left panel. Let’s checkout main features of this software.

Main Features:

  • You can edit properties of added input and output elements such as description, bit width, side, notation, name, etc.
  • It provides a Switch Power feature which you can turn on to run circuit simulation and calculate actual frequency it runs on.
  • After designing a logical circuit, you can also generate and view its Truth Table.
  • It lets you view project report with circuit summary, functions, etc.
  • You can export created logical circuit in PNG, GIF, BMP, JPEG, and TIFF image formats.

Additional Features:

  • In it, you can find a dedicated IronPython Console feature that you can use to test your logical circuit using Python languages and related syntax.
  • It also provides a circuit oscillation feature.


It is a nice software for teacher and students to simulate logical circuits and find related truth table.

MultiMedia Logic

MultiMedia Logic is a feature rich open source logic simulator for Windows. It lets you create basic as well as advanced logical circuits. Some sample logic circuit diagrams are also provided by it which you can import and simulate. Let’s checkout its key features that help you simulate logical circuit designs.

Main Features:

It provides well categorized menus that you can use to perform different functions. These menu are:

  • Draw: Using this menu, you can create a logical circuit using elements including input (ground, plus, oscillator, switch, signal receiver, keypad, timer, clock, etc.), output (LED, 8 segment LED, sound wave, signal sender, bitmap, buzzer, etc.), wire, logic gates, machines (robot), multiplexer, memory, tape driver, etc. Also, it provides a dedicated Palette from where you can directly add circuit components.
  • Set: You can set font for the used text in the logical circuit.
  • View: In this menu, you can find options to configure grid settings, enable color wires, select background/ paper color, etc.
  • Simulate: As its name implies, it lets you simulate designed logical circuit and view output in real time. You can also set up simulation rate and simulation conditions.

Apart from mentioned feature, it also provides a dedicated function to directly print created logical circuit.


It is one of the easiest yet featured open source logical simulator software which anyone can use to create different types of logical circuits.

Logic Gate Simulator

Logic Gate Simulator, as its name suggests, is yet another free open source logic simulator software for Windows. You get all essential elements to create and simulate logical circuit through this software. These include basic gates, compound gates, and input/output components like clock period, numeric input, etc. You can simply drag and drop component to design area and connect all the component accordingly to create a logical circuit.

Main Features:

  • You can simulate logical circuit in real time by changing input and view respective output.
  • It provides Show Logical Analyzer that lets you view oscilloscope of designed logical circuit with input and output signals.
  • It provides some circuit management features including flatten circuit, align circuit to upper-left, print circuit, etc.
  • You can save logical circuit as image in PNG, JPEG, or BMP format.

Additional Feature:

  • It provides dedicated options to create and import Integrated Circuits (IC).
  • You can also enable/ disable options like End-User Mode, Show or Hide True/ False Coloration, etc.


It is a good open source logic simulator that lets you create standard logical circuits and simulate them in real-time.

CEDAR Logic Simulator

CEDAR Logic Simulator is a basic open source logic simulator for Windows. It lets you generate standard logical circuits with components including logic gates, input and output, MUX and decoder, inverter & connector, Flip Flops, etc. You can view real-time simulation of created logic circuit. It also provides step simulation for circuit diagrams. You can adjust simulation speed too. Additionally, it also provides option to run circuit as O-Scope. You can export designed logical circuit as Bitmap image.


All in all, it is a a very basic logical simulator that you can use to simulate basic logic gates in real-time.

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