4 Best Free Phonics Games For Kids For Windows

Here is a list of best free Phonics games for kids for Windows. Download these free phonics games and let your kids learn phonics with fun.

All these phonics games include different games and activities. These activities and games don’t let your kids get bored of the learning process easily. Moreover, they teach kids how to make words and pronounce them correctly. Just click any of the English alphabets displayed on the screen and you will hear the phonics.

As you explore the list, you will find a phonics game that features a Chalkboard. You can write on the chalkboard with different colored chalks. It also lets you save your created drawing on PC.

My favorite Phonics games for kids:

ABC Spelling is my favorite phonics game for kids. I like its graphics and sound effects. This game is developed in such a way that kids like it the most. Besides this, the cute animated characters in this game make it more interesting for kids.

Phonics and Reading With McGuffey is my another choice for a phonics game. It features many different lessons, playing which kids can learn phonics of different English alphabets easily.

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ABC Spelling

ABC Spelling is a very interesting free phonics game for kids. This is a Windows 10 app which teaches phonics to kids.

It has three gaming modes: Spelling, Fill In The Blank, and Blank Spelling. Each of these modes is very interesting. In order to make the game more interesting for kids, the game features great graphics and good sound effects. Besides this, there is an animated lion in the game, which guides you throughout the game. If you don’t know how to play this game, never mind, as the lion is there for your help.

Let’s see these three gaming modes:

  • Spelling: In this gaming mode, an image is displayed on the screen and you have to spell that image by placing the alphabets at their right place. Every time you click an alphabet, the lion speaks out its phonics.
  • Fill In The Blank: In this gaming mode, you have to complete the spelling of an image displayed on the screen by filling the blanks with the correct letters.
  • Blank Spelling: In this gaming mode, you have to spell the image displayed on the screen. This mode is different from the Spelling mode, as no clues are provided here. However, the lion will guide you how to play this level.

After the completion of each level, the lion speaks out the complete word along with the phonics of its letters.

Phonics and Reading with McGuffey

Phonics and Reading With McGuffey is another free phonics game for kids. This free phonics game helps your kids learn English alphabets easily. Not only this, it also helps to improve the pronunciation of English alphabets and words.

This phonics game for kids comes with different lessons. Out of these, each lesson has different activities, which makes learning fun for kids. In some of the activities, kids have to click the correct alphabet by hearing its phonics. If kids give the correct answer to the question, animated animal characters will be displayed on the screen. These animal characters will make this game more exciting for kids. Let’s take another activity, in which kids have to form the correct word by placing a vowel between consonants. The above screenshot displays these activities; click on it to view full screenshot.

If you click any alphabet, you will hear its phonics.

This good phonics game for kids has a total of 52 lessons, but the free version of this game provides only 10 lessons. You have to purchase its full version in order to get complete access.

ABC Basics - Phonics A to Z

ABC Basics – Phonics A to Z is another alternative for a free phonics game for kids. This software teaches phonics to kids in a fun and exciting way. Kids will not get bored with the learning process used in this freeware, as it has a collection of games and learning lessons. Let’s see each of them:

  • See and Hear: This section of the phonics game covers all the English alphabets from A to Z. Each alphabet is displayed on the screen with an image that belongs to it. For example, an image of eggs is displayed with letter E. If you click that image, you will hear the phonics sound of that word.
  • Choose a word: In this activity of the game, an image is displayed on the screen. You have to form the correct word by picking correct alphabets from the given list. You will hear the phonics as you click any of the letters in the list. After you form a word, the game pronounces the complete word.
  • Flashcards: In this activity, an image is displayed on the screen. You have to click that image to hear its phonics.
  • Spelling Word: This is a multiple choice game, in which an image is displayed on the screen and you have to choose its correct answer from the options given.
  • Mixed Up Words: Here, you have to form the correct word by rearranging the given letters.
  • Memory Game: This is a memory based game, in which you have to open any two cards with the same image.

Chalkboard is an interesting feature of this free phonics game for kids. You can write anything on it and save it on your PC in BMP image format. You can also change the color of the chalk. An eraser is also available in the software.

I Learn With Fun - Phonics

I Learn With Fun – Phonics is another Windows 10 app to learn phonics. With the help of this phonics game, kids can learn the correct pronunciation of different words easily.

In this free phonics game for kids, words are categorized on the basis of length, like 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 letter words. Besides this, three more categories are included in the game, namely, food, in home, and animals.

  • Food: If you are going to teach your kids the names of fruits and vegetables, select Food section of the game.
  • In Home: This section includes the names of all the objects found in a home, like bed, broom, camera, bulb, etc.
  • Animals: Kids can learn the names of different animals and birds here.

All the above-listed activities are only for learning purpose. You just have to repeat the words with the computer in order to learn the correct pronunciation. Thanks to the phonics which made the learning process easy for kids.

If kids are getting bored of learning, they can play educational games. I Learn With Fun – Phonics has three phonics games:

  • ABC Shake: In this phonics game, all the English alphabets are displayed on the screen. Click any of the letters to hear its phonics.
  • ABC Pop: This is basically a balloon pop game, in which you have to pop the balloons containing English alphabets. As you pop a balloon, you will hear the phonics of the letter it contains.
  • Word It: You have to form the correct word of the displayed image by selecting appropriate alphabets. Every time you click on an alphabet, you will hear its phonics.

It is a great phonics game for kids, and the best part of this game is it is completely free.

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