5 Best Free Portable Gantt Chart Software for Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Portable Gantt Chart Software for Windows. These are free portable gantt chart maker that you can use without installing them on your system. Using these software, you can schedule and manage project tasks and activities in the form of a gantt chart. These are dedicated software that help you create a gantt chart of your project. You can add tasks with their details that include task name, start time, end time, milestone, resource name, predecessors, etc. As you add project tasks, these software display their visual representation on a gantt chart.

In many of these software, you can import Microsoft Project files (MPP, XML) to import project information. Besides gantt chart, some software also let you create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Task Usage Graph, Network Chart, etc. A few software also allow you to assign resources to tasks and view resource graph. When you are done creating a gantt chart, you can export it in a variety of formats such as PDF, PNG, SVG, JPEG, HTML, etc. You can also create project reports including project details, task information, and resource information in some software.

My Favorite Free Portable Gantt Chart Software for Windows:

ProjectLibre is my favorite software as it lets you create gantt chart, WBS, resource graphs, network chart, and more. It also supports a lot of formats to export a gantt chart.

X-GanttProject is another good gantt chart software which is extremely easy to use.

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ProjectLibre is a great free portable gantt chart software for Windows, Mac, Linux, and BSD.  It is an open source project management software that lets you create a visual representation of project tasks in the form of a gantt chart. It offers a lot of handy tools that you can use to manage your projects. You can easily create and customize tasks in your project. It lets you save a project in a Microsoft Project XML file.

How to create gantt chart in ProjectLibre:

  • First, create a new project with name, project manager, and start date.
  • Now, go to the Task tab and click on the Gantt button.
  • After that, start adding task with respective start time, finish time, predecessors, and resource names. When you add tasks, you will be able to view a gantt chart in a right side panel.
  • Next, you can save the gantt chart in PDF format.

Additional Features:

  • You can also visualize project tasks in different formats including Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Network, and Task Usage graphs.
  • It also provides you a feature to manage resources used in your project.
  • You can create different project reports including task information, project details, resource information, etc.


It is one of the best portable gantt chart software using which you can manage tasks and activities of your project using various graphs.


X-GanttProject is another free portable gantt chart software for Windows. It is a dedicated software that lets you manage projects using gantt chart and resource chart. In it, you can also work on existing projects including Microsoft project Files, Text, and CSV files. It contains well-categroized menu items that help you create a gantt chart without much hassle. Let us have look at the process of making a gantt chart in it.

How to create gantt chart in X-GanttProject:

  • First, go to the Project menu and click on the new option to create a new project by entering name, organization, time, etc.
  • Now, click on the Task menu > Add Task option and edit task name, start date, finish date, duration, milestone, web link, shape color, predecessors, resources, etc.
  • In a similar manner, add multiple tasks to your project.
  • You can now export project and gantt chart in various formats including HTML, PNG, JPEG, PDF, and more formats.


It is a nice free portable gantt chart software to create and manage gantt chart and respurce charts.


OpenProj is yet another free portable gantt chart software for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is a good open source project management software that also comes in a portable package. In this software, you can visualize tasks and project activities in the form of gantt chart, network graph, WBS, task usage graph, etc. It supports Microsoft Project, Microsoft Project XML, and Gnome Planner files to import project and task information. To create a gantt chart in it, you can follow below steps.

How to create gantt chart in OpenProj:

  • Firstly, create a new project with its details including name, manager, start date, and notes.
  • Now, start adding multiple tasks to your project by using the task spreadsheet. You can add tasks with duration, predecessors, resource names, etc.
  • After completing the gantt chart, you can print gantt chart or export it to a PDF file.

Additional Features:

  • Report: It lets you create multiple project reports such as project details, resource information, task information, etc.
  • Tracking: It also provides a project tracking feature.
  • Assign Resource: You can add resources to a task and even view a resource and RBS graph.


It is another great portable software to manage projects using Gantt chart.

gantt-chart-maker (TimFinnigan)

gantt-chart-maker (by TimFinnigan) is a free browser based portable gantt chart software. It requires a web browser to work. To run this software, download its code file and then open the “index.html” file in a web browser. You will see a default gantt chart in the window. You can start editing it and create your own project gantt chart. Let’s have a look at the steps to make a Gantt chart using it.

How to create a Gantt chart using this free software:

  • As you run this software, it will show you the recent timeline. Click on the Update Title button to set up the title and subtitle of your gantt chart.
  • Now, click the Edit Rows button to enter the phases of your Gantt chart.
  • Next, use the Add task option to add tasks with their name, department, and dependency. You can also mark a task as a milestone. If you want to remove an existing task, then select it and then click on the Remove task option.
  • After that, drag and drop an added task to adjust its phase and timeline.
  • Lastly, click on the three bar menu present at the right side and save your gantt chart in PNG, JPEG, PDF, or SVG. You can also print the Gantt chart.


It is a good open source and portable Gantt chart software that you can use to create simple and basic gantt charts.

gantt-chart-maker (agarwalarjun123)

gantt-chart-maker (by agarwalarjun123) is yet another open source portable gantt chart software. To use it, you need a web browser. Simply open ganttchart.html file and start using this software. Let’s see how to create a gantt chart using it.

How to create a gantt chart using this portable software:

  • Firstly, select a date and then type the task in the box.
  • Next, click on the + button to add it.
  • Similarly, you can add multiple tasks with their dates.
  • After creating a gantt chart, you can save it as HTML file or directly print it.


It is a very basic portable gantt chart software which anyone can use without any hassle.

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