5 Best Free Portable Spreadsheet Software for Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Portable Spreadsheet Software for Windows. These are free spreadsheet processing software that come in portable packages. Thus, you don’t have to install them on your system to use them. You can skip the installation process and quickly run these spreadsheet software on the go. Plus, you can also carry them in a portable storage device and use whenever required.

Like any standard spreadsheet software, these portable ones also provide similar set of features. You get all basic table and cell formatting, insert features, data sorting, data filter, and more tools in these software. Plus, all software contain inbuilt functions of different categories including mathematical, statistical, logical, engineering, information, database, strings, and more. You can use these functions to evaluate your datasets. Not just that, these software also let you visualize dataset on graphs such as line, bar, column, area, radar, pie, scatter, etc.

These software work fine with commonly used spreadsheet formats e.g., Excel (XLS, XLSX), DBF, DIF, CSV, etc. Apart from essential features, some additional tools including Spreadsheet Protection, Digital Signature, Spellcheck, Autocorrect, and some more are offered by these software. You can go through the list to know more about these spreadsheet software.

My Favorite Portable Spreadsheet Software for Windows:

LibreOffice Calc is one of my favorite software on this list. It comes with most number of spreadsheet processing tools with a clean and intuitive user interface.

Gnumeric is another good one as it provides a variety of techniques and methods to evaluate datasets and extract some information from spreadsheets.

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LibreOffice Calc

LibreOffice Calc is a powerful portable spreadsheet software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This spreadsheet application comes with complete LibreOffice package which is a famous office suite. It offers both installer and portable editions which users can find on its official website. Along with LibreOffice Calc, you can also find LibreOffice Writer (document processor), LibreOffice Impress (presentation maker), LibreOffice Maths, LibreOffice Draw, and more applications in the office package.

It is one of the most feature rich spreadsheet software which offers a wide number of spreadsheet processing tools. You can create and edit spreadsheets in all major file formats including XLS, XLSX, HTML, CSV, DBF, DIF, etc. It also helps you evaluate and analyze spreadsheet using various statistical and data visualization features. Let’s checkout its key features in detail.

Main Features:

  • You can find all basic tools to create a spreadsheet in it including insert function, data sort, table managing options, cell formatting, text formatting features, and more.
  • It contains a Functions Wizards with hundreds of mathematical, information, financial, logical, array, and other functions which you can use to calculate your datasets.
  • Calculate, Validity, Standard and Advanced Filters, Pivot Table, Subtotals, and Consolidate are some more features that you can find in it.
  • It provides a variety of charts to visualize and analyze datasets, like line, pie, bubble, bar, scatter, column, net, stock, and more.
  • It also offers useful tools like Spellcheck, AutoCorrect, Optimization Problems Solver, Auto Redact, etc.
  • It lets you password protect created spreadsheets and add digital signatures to them.


It is an advanced, user friendly, and nicely designed portable spreadsheet software that anyone can use without much hassle.


Gnumeric is a feature rich spreadsheet software which comes in both portable and installer packages. You can download its portable version from PortableApps.com, extract the downloaded file, and run this spreadsheet application on the go.

It is a great spreadsheet with all essential tools to create, edit, and manage tabular data. You can also import existing spreadsheets in it in formats like XLS, XLSX, ODS, etc. Also, you can insert dataset from Text, HTML, DBF, DIF, CSV, TSV, and other files to current spreadsheet. Let’s checkout its main features which help you process spreadsheet data.

Main Features:

  • It comes with all standard tools which lets you format cell, format text, filter entered or imported datasets, sort data,shuffle data, validate data, consolidate data, etc.
  • You can insert image, date & time, comment, hyperlink, and other types of content to your spreadsheets.
  • It provides a lot of functions that you can use to evaluate input datasets. Some of the provided functions include Mathematics, Statistics, Number Theory, Bitwise Operations, Complex, Engineering, Logic, Random Numbers, Lookup, Finance, and String.
  • You can also calculate datasets using various statistical methods including Covariance, Frequency Tables, Correlation, Ranks & Percentile, Fourier Analysis, Forecast, Kaplan-Meier Estimates, Principal Component Analysis, Regression, One Sample Test, Two Sample Tests, etc.
  • You can also use its data visualization charts to analyze datasets using graphs like bar, line, column, pie, area, bubble, contour, radar, surface, ring, etc.
  • Some additional handy tools are also offered in it which may help you process spreadsheets, like Auto Correct, Goal Seek, Solver, Auto Save, etc.


All in all, it is one of the best portable spreadsheet software which is simple yet effective. You can find all standard spreadsheet processing tools with some advanced tools.

Plan Maker

Plan Maker is yet another portable spreadsheet software for Windows. It is a useful spreadsheet processing software which comes with office software called SoftMaker Office. This portable office software provides one more office application called TextMaker which is a document processor. A fully featured installer version of this office suite is also available which you can download from its official website; the link is here.

Let’s get straight to its key features that you must look forward.

Key Features:

  • It works well with commonly used spreadsheet file formats including XLS, DBF, DIF, TXT, etc.
  • You can insert smart text, comment, symbols, and other types of content to spreadsheet.
  • It provides a variety of formatting options including Cell Format, Cell Style, Conditional Formatting, Input Validation, Transfer Formatting, etc.
  • A lot of functions of different categories are provided in it such as mathematical, financial, statistics, strings, information, etc.
  • For better understanding of spreadsheet data, you can visualize datasets on graphs like line, bar, column, cylinder, donought, XY scatter, radar, pie, etc.
  • It provides spreadsheet protection options too, including Sheet Protection and Workbook Protection.


It is a good spreadsheet software that also comes in a portable package that you can use on the go.

OOo4Kids Calc

OOo4Kids Calc is the next free, open source, portable spreadsheet software for Windows. As its name suggests, it is a spreadsheet program specially designed for kids. Additionally, it comes in OOo4Kids which is a fully featured office suite. You can find document, presentation, and drawing applications along with spreadsheet software in this office suite.

Key Features:

  • It supports input and output formats including XLS, XLSX, CSV, DBF, DIF, ODS, and PDF spreadsheets.
  • It comes with various data visualization charts such as bar, line, column, bubble, pie, stock, etc.
  • You can also evaluate datasets using its inbuilt function wizard.
  • Standard spreadsheet features including cell formatting, data formatting, data sorting, insert features, and more are available in it.
  • You can also encrypt resulting spreadsheet files.


It is an easy to use portable spreadsheet software and is highly suitable for kids.

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors is primarily an office suite which provides a spreadsheet processing module too. Although it comes in installer package officially, you can also find its portable version from the download page link given below.

On its main interface, you can find three different office modules including Document, Spreadsheet, and Presentation. You can simply click the Spreadsheet module and start working on spreadsheets. Now, let us checkout its main features that help you process spreadsheet data.

Main Features:

  • To create spreadsheets, you get primary insert (text, image, equations, etc.), sort, filters, font formatting, cell settings, text settings, image settings, and more features.
  • It provides various functions to evaluate a set of data entered in the spreadsheet.
  • You can also visualize data on various types of graphs including line, bar, area, column, and pie graphs.
  • To make your spreadsheet confidential, you can password protect it so that only authorized users can access the spreadsheet data.
  • It supports a lot of formats to save spreadsheets such as XLSX, ODS, CSV. PDF, etc.


It is another simple portable spreadsheet software that you can use to create, view, edit, analyze, and evaluate spreadsheet data.

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