9 Best Free Rain Noise Generator Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free rain noise generator software for Windows. These are the rain sound generator which let you hear various kinds of pleasant rain sounds. These rain sounds include rainstorm, rain on lake, light rain pouring, heavy rain pouring, extreme rain pouring, rain on car roof, rain on metal roof, rain on tent, etc. All these lovely rain sounds help you relax, sleep, or meditate. Also, these software can be used to listen to many other ambient sounds such as birds, forest, river, blowing wind, thunderstorm, beach waves, campfire, ocean waves, etc. In one of these, you can also create a mix as well as playlist of multiple rain sounds.

These also let you configure various options like sound level, sound timer, 24-hour clock, sound sidebar, loop playlist, etc.

My Favorite Rain Noise generator For Windows

All of these are nice rain sound generator, but I liked White Noise the most. It is a rain noise generator app for Windows 10 which provides several rain sounds and options to create a mix of multiple rain noises.

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White Noise

White Noise is a free rain noise generator app for Windows 10. It actually provides various kinds of sounds which include different rain sounds as well. These rain noises include rainstorm, rain on lake, light rain pouring, heavy rain pouring, extreme rain pouring, rain on car roof, rain on metal roof, and rain on tent. You can also create rain sound mixes and rain sound playlists in its Mixes and Playlist tabs, respectively. The created rain noise mix can be saved as a .wna (White Noise Audio) file.

Along with rain noise, it provides various other inbuilt noises, including jungle, beach waves, campfire, ocean waves, blowing wind, thunderstorm, rainstorm, rain on lake, stream water flowing, singing birds, city streets, etc. Also, there are airplane travel, cars driving, crowded room, hair dryer blowing, heartbeat, pink noise, blue noise, brown noise, etc. noises which you can hear. It shows a related picture on its main interface for individual sound. You can also view brief sound information.

Some configurations like sound timer, 24-hour clock, sound sidebar, loop playlist, sound volume, view digital sleep clock, etc. can also be set in it. Overall, it is a great rain noise generator with a clean user interface.

Atmosphere Lite

Atmosphere Lite is a free rain noise generator software for Windows. It lets you play Rainy Day and Rainforest sounds to relax. Additionally, you can even add some background noises to the playing rain sound. These background sounds include light rain, jungle, rain on roof, night, fountain, woodland, stream, campfire, ocean, light wind, etc. Other than that, some random sounds including tropical bird, wren, warbler, loon, thunder roll, woodpecker, bullfrog, termite, flower beetle, etc. can also be added to the playing rain sound.

This rain sound generator lets you save current rain sound settings as a scenario file (.att). You can later load these files to play rain sound. Also, it provides a good number of customization options. You can adjust master, background, and random sounds’ volumes, stop all background sounds, select a binaural sound (alpha, beta, theta, delta), customize visual options, etc. It also provides a recording option.

It is one of the best rain noise generators in this list. Not only rain noises, it consists of other inbuilt sounds that include Deep Forest, Ocean Night, Thunderstorm, Night Stream, Forest Stream, Dawn Chorus, Rainforest, and Woodland Campfire.


Halotea is another rain noise generator software for Windows. It basically consists of various sounds which help you meditate and relax. These include jungle, lunar lake, night fire, meditation life, meditation wave, meditation in desert, meditation hypnosis, brain refresh, brain wakeup, etc. It also lets you hear various rain noises including rain and thunder, rain in forest, rain in jungle, and rain outside the window. The volume level can be adjusted as per your requirement. You can merge rain sounds with other ambient sounds to create your own theme. While doing so, you can set time interval, volume level, and balance volume for each of sounds.

It also provides a dedicated audio player which lets you listen to mp3, mp4, aac, ogg, wav, wma, etc. songs. You get all basic playback control options plus options like echo, reverberation, equalizer, etc. too.

This can be you another alternative to a rain sound generator. It provides many other features like event scheduler, configure user interface, etc. You can read the full review of Halotea here > Halotea Review on ILFS.

White Noise Sleep System

White Noise Sleep System is a free white noise generator which also provides some rain noises. It comes with four rain sound samples which you can listen to. To listen to rain sounds, you need to perform few steps which are listed below.

How to generate rain noise in this software:

  • Click on New button and add a new event. You need to setup event properties which include start time and selecting a rain sound. You need to browse its installed folder which contains four sample sounds of rain. You can also select a sound channel and adjust volume level. In this manner, you can add multiple events.
  • Now, you can play rain sounds by hitting Execute button.

In similar manner, you can play music files in formats including MP3, WMA, MID, etc. It lets you edit, delete, or disable any of the events. You can also customize options like Run at Windows Startup, Start Minimized, etc.

It is nice software which lets you create events to play rain noises.

Sleep Sounds

Sleep Sounds is a free rain noise generator app for Windows 10. It can generate various sleep sounds including rain sounds. It can create simple rain sound and forest rain sound. Other ambient sounds that you can hear in it include Waves, Thunderstorm, Cat Purring, Crackling Fire, City, Birds, and White Noise. You can even create a combination of rain noise and other sleep sounds and save them as a playlist. Later, you can quickly play your playlists from its Playlist menu.


Noizio.Net is a free, open source rain noise generator for Windows. You can play Autumn Rain sound in it. Additionally, it lets you listen to various other kinds of atmospheric sounds that include North Sea, Forest Birds, Mountain River, Paris Cafe, Wind Chimes, Campfire, Free Willy, and Summer Nights. You can play rain sound with any of these ambient sounds. It lets you adjust volume level of individual sounds.

This software is accessible from the system tray. From there, you can customize overall volume level and configure start at login and play after launch options.


Sleep-aid is an open source rain noise generator for Windows. To hear rain sound using it, you need to run its index.html file in a web browser. You can also listen to various other sounds including Forest, Thunderstorm, Birds, Train, and Boat. At a time, you can select and play a combination of rain and other ambient noises too.

You can edit its source code to change its look and feel, and also to add other kinds of rain sounds such as heavy rain, rain and storm, car rain, etc. Check this link to download free rain sounds.

Rain sound generator

Rain sound generator is a basic rain noise generator software for Windows. It runs in your web browser; open its index.html file in a web browser to start playing rain sound. It comes with only one inbuilt rain noise. While listening to rain sound, you can adjust decay time, rain intensity, background noise level, raindrop level, reverb level, and master volume.

It is also an open source rain sound generator.


Rainning_sound is another one of basic rain sound generator for Windows. Like some other software, it also runs in a web browser. You need to open its index.html file to listen to rain sound. It also displays rain drops on its interface, which you can disable. That’s it. It doesn’t provide any other feature.

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