Best Free STEP to OBJ Converter Software for Windows

Here is a list of Best Free STEP to OBJ Converter Software for Windows. STEP/ STP and OBJ both are 3D image file formats that store 3D models and designs. To convert a 3D model from STEP file format to OBJ format, you need these free software that support both these formats as input and output. You can convert STEP to various other 3D file formats using these software. The most commonly supported 3D file formats include STL, PLY, DAE, WRL, and some more formats.

In most of these converters, you can also modify imported STEP model prior to conversion to OBJ. You can use multiple mesh design tools, create various shapes, rotate, scale, flip, move, and perform more editing on input model. Additionally, a variety of model viewing features to view input STEP models are also present in these software. All in all, these are feature rich 2D and 3D CAD viewer and design software that also act as a STEP file to OBJ converter.

My Favorite Free STEP to OBJ Converter Software for Windows:

FreeCAD is my favorite software as it is a great 2D and 3D model generator software that help you convert STEP to OBJ. You can also perform various editing actions on the STEP model before converting it to OBJ and other 3D image formats.

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FreeCAD is a free open source CAD software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It can also be used to convert STEP files to OBJ using its import and export functionalities. It supports both STEP and OBJ formats as input and output formats, respectively. So, you can import and view a STEP/ STP model and then export it to Wavefront OBJ format. Apart from OBJ, you can also convert to STEP files to other 3D file formats including DAE, IGES, PLY, IFC, STL, WRL, and more.

As it is a CAD design software, you get the flexibility to modify input 3D model that you imported from STEP file. It provides different workbenches which contain multiple dedicated tools for specific purpose. These workbenches include Mesh Design, OpenSCAD, Part Design, Raytracing, Robot, Ship, etc. You can use tools like scale, move, rotate, create mesh from shapes, smooth, cut mesh, trim mesh, create shapes, etc., in order to modify imported 3D model prior to conversion. It also acts as a great STEP and 3D model viewer as you get different views, render, zoom, and more features.

How to convert STEP to OBJ in FreeCAD:

  • Launch this CAD software and open a 3D model from a STEP file.
  • Now, you will be able to view, analyze, and modify imported STEP model.
  • After that, click the File menu > Export option and choose output file type as Wavefront OBJ (.obj) and then hit the Save button to convert STEP to OBJ.


It is one of the best free software which can be used to view and edit STEP models as well as to convert STEP to OBJ and other 3D file formats.

gCAD3DNow, go

gCAD3D is another free open source STEP to OBJ converter for Windows. It is a simple CAD viewer software that also provides an additional save feature. Using this save feature, you can easily convert STEP to OBJ format. Not just OBJ, it can also convert STEP to other formats such as DXF, SVG, VRML, OBJ, etc. In terms of viewing tools, it contains quite many features. So, you can view imported STEP models before converting them using options like different view positions, surface style, wireframe, point display, extra light, etc.

Now, you can follow below steps in order to perform STEP to OBJ conversion.

How to convert STEP to OBJ in gCAD3D:

  • First, click the File > Open Model option to import a STEP file to this software.
  • Next, you can view the imported 3D model with provided tools.
  • Now, go to the File menu and click save model as > OBJ option to simply convert STEP to OBJ.


It is a nice 2D and 3D model visualization software that comes with an additional conversion feature which can be used to convert STEP to OBJ.


Axdea is another CAD software that can also be used to convert STEP to OBJ. It is primarily an IBS software with a lot of CAD tools. It is almost same as FreeCAD in terms of working and user interface. Like FreeCAD, it also lets you convert STEP to OBJ with the help of import and export features. You can open a 3D STEP model in it, view and analyze it, and then save it in OBJ file format. If you want to convert STEP to some other 3D image formats, you can do that too as it supports a variety of 3D file formats. Some of these formats include STL, PLY, DAE, IGES, and WRL.

It contains several workbenches that offer different sets of design and more tools. You can find IBS Score, Drawing, Image, BIM, Arch, Mesh Design, Raytracing, Part Design, and more workbenches in it. With the help of different tools, you can make modifications to the 3D model present in the imported STEP file.

Now, let us checkout a sorted procedure to convert STEP to OBJ in this software.

How to convert STEP to OBJ in Axdea:

  • At first, open a STEP file in this software that you will be able to visualize and analyze.
  • Next, you can use available tools in order to modify source STEP model, if needed.
  • After making modification, select the model from Model tab present in left panel.
  • Now, go to File menu and click the Export function.
  • At last, in output saving window, set export format to OBJ and then press the Save option to quickly start the conversion.


It is another good software that lets you view STEP model and save it in OBJ and other 3D image formats. Also, you can manipulate the input file before converting it.

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