10 Free Tattoo Design Apps for Android

Here is a list of 10 free Tattoo Design Apps for Android. If you are looking for tattoo design ideas then this list can help you out. In this list, I covered apps where you can explore tattoo collections and try them on yourself.

All these tattoo design apps feature a collection of tattoos. Some have arbitrary collections where you can just scroll through a mixed type of tattoo design. Whereas some offer a curated collection in high quality where you can sort by categories to find specific types of tattoo design.

Many of these apps also let you try the tattoo design. You can add your photo from the gallery and paste the tattoo on your body. The apps offer editing tools to precisely apply the tattoo and customize the look. Some apps also let you share your own tattoo designs and find tattoo shops and artists nearby.

My Favorite Tattoo Design App

INKHUNTER is my favorite tattoo design app for Android. The app feature a nice collection of tattoo to explore different kinds of tattoo ideas. It also lets you try those tattoos on yourself in real-time. The app uses Augmented Reality to show the tattoo on your body. You can different editing tools to resize the tattoo and customize different aspects of it. On top of that, you can also create your own tattoo sketches. Then, you can try those sketches or any other tattoo image from the gallery.

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INKHUNTER is a free tattoo design app for Android. This app lets users try their own tattoos. It offers a collection of tattoos to try on. Users can also sketch a tattoo themselves or find a tattoo image online. Then they can import that image to this app and use the Augmented Reality feature to preview the tattoo on their body. They can rotate around to see different angles and use the built-in photo editor to finetune the tattoo colors and appearance.

Main Features:

  • Tattoo collection
  • Create tattoo sketch
  • Try your own tattoos from the gallery
  • Preview tattoo in 3D using AR
  • Photo Editor

Tattoo Maker - Tattoo On My Photo

Tattoo Maker is a free tattoo design Android app to try tattoos on photos. This app comes with a wide collection of tattoos that users can browse and try on their photos. It features advanced editing tools to precise the tattoo layout and let users edit it accurately on the body. Users can also add text in different tattoo fonts and create text tattoos as well.

Main Features:

  • Tattoo collection
  • Add text tattoos
  • Tattoo editing tools
  • Try tattoos on your photos

Tattoo Maker by Focus Apps

Tattoo Maker is a free tattoo design app for Android. It is basically a tattoo editor where users can take a picture of their body parts and design their own tattoos. The app offers a set of brushes to create colored tattoo designs with the option to add text as well. Users can also import an image from the gallery and make it into a tattoo with the help of simple photo editing features.

Main Features:

  • Tattoo collection organized by categories
  • Design your own tattoo
  • Import tattoo image to try on
  • Simple photo editor

Tattoo Design App

Tattoo Design App is a free Android app to browse tattoo ideas and try those on. This app features a wide collection of tattoos offering over 1000 tattoo designs. The collection is curated with categories to help users find the tattoos as per their needs. All the tattoos are in high resolution and can be tried on a photo. Users can simply open their photos and add a tattoo design on top. The app offers a nice set of editing tools to curate the design on the body for the best appearace.

Main Features:

  • Tattoo collection sort by categories
  • Try tattoo on your image
  • Tattoo edit options for try-on

Tattoo Designs by MooAppMaster

Tattoo Designs is a free tattoo design app for Android. This app features a decent collection of tattoos that can be sort based on categories. Users can explore the collection and download the tattoo designs they like. There is no option to try tattoos on photos. Instead, this app can help you find tattoo shops nearby. Users can get the contact information and location of the shops and explore their tattoo gallery on this app. Additionally, users can also share their own tattoo design with the tattoo shop to know if the shop can create your design or not.

Main Features:

  • Vast tattoo collection with categories
  • Find tattoo shop and explore their gallery
  • Upload your tattoo design
  • No tattoo trial on photo


Tattoodo is another free tattoo design app for Android. This a community of tattoo artists and tattoo lovers around the world. The app features tattoo artists with their work and contact information. Users can find tattoo artists nearby, consult with them, and get an appointment. Furthermore, users can also share their tattoo design with the community and the artist to get feedback.

Main Features:

  • Find tattoo artists nearby
  • Tattoo guides and recommendations
  • Tattoo collection for inspiration
  • Submit your tattoo design

Tattoo for boys Images

Tattoo for boys Images is a free Android app to find and try tattoo designs. This app has a collection of tattoos that users can customize and try on their images. Users can find a tattoo design from the collection or create a text tattoo and apply it to the image. Then, they can use the photo editor to erase extra parts, replace the background, and edit the image with filters and color options.

Main Features:

  • Tattoo collection with stickers
  • Try tattoo designs on your photo
  • Create text tattoos
  • Photo Editor with background removal

Best Tattoo Designs

Best Tattoo Designs is another free tattoo design app for Android. This is a simple app with a collection of tattoo ideas that users can explore. It is like Pinterest for tattoo ideas but with very limited functionality. The app shows a handful of tattoo ideas on the main screen. Users can pick one to explore similar types of tattoos. There is no option to try or create tattoos. This app just to explore tattoo ideas.

Main Features:

  • Collection of tattoo ideas

Tattoo Designs by Photo Pose Inc

Tattoo Designs is another simple tattoo design app for Android. This app has a collection of tattoos to explore tattoo ideas. The collection is quite arbitrary in terms of design types. It mixed all types of designs so there is no way to find a specific type of idea. Users can just scroll through the collection and download the tattoo designs which they like.

Main Features:

  • Tattoo collection
  • Download tattoo ideas

Tattoo Design Collection

Tattoo Design Collection is yet another simple tattoo design app for Android. This also is also just to explore tattoo ideas. The main screen of the app tattoo images and users can scroll that list to explore. Tapping on an image opens more images with similar types of tattoo ideas. Users can view an image and then scroll through all the other images like the gallery.

Main Features:

  • Explore tattoo ideas
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