4 Best Free Truck Driving Games For Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Truck Driving Games For Windows. All these truck simulator games come with high definition graphics and great sound effects. Download these free truck driving games on your PC and play as a truck driver.

In all of these free truck simulator games, you have to complete the given task. While some of the games have a time limit to complete the given task, some have not. You will face many obstructions on your way while driving. So that your truck gets minimum damage, try to avoid all such obstructions.

As you explore the list, you will find a truck driving game which comes with two playing modes: Training and Campaigning. You can view the speed of your truck on speedometer displayed on the interface. Besides this, it also displays the total distance covered by you in miles.

My favorite truck driving games for Windows:

American Truck Simulator is my favorite truck driving game for Windows. It is one of the best truck driving games, hence, deserves the first position in the list. Download American Truck Simulator and drive your truck on beautiful landscapes of America. A map on the bottom right corner of the screen guides you the correct way to the destination. The day-night cycle in the game provides you a real life driving experience.

Truck Driver Chernobyl is my another choice for truck simulator games. It is a challenging and adventurous game in which you have to drive your truck in the area near to the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant, Ukraine. Please be cautious while driving, as you are carrying radioactive goods in your truck. Also, do not let the goods fall on the ground because you are driving your truck in a very sensitive area.

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American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator is a free truck simulator app for Windows 10. It lets you drive your truck on beautiful landscapes of America.

This free truck driving game comes with high definition 3D graphics. With more than 30 trucks, lots of jobs, and day-night cycle, you will not get bored of playing this game.

I found the background music of the game relaxing. There is a sweet country music played in the background which relaxes your mind during the gameplay.

Your main task in this game is to deliver the materials at the right place without or with less damage in the minimum possible time. But to deliver the goods, firstly you have to collect them. A map is provided in the game for your convenience. This map guides you to the correct direction for getting and delivering the goods at the right places. You will see three alphabets in the map: G, J, and D. Each of these letters have different meanings. You have to remember the meanings of these alphabets during the gameplay:

  • Letter G stands for garage. Here, you can buy new trucks.
  • Letter J denotes the location of the job. You have to visit the job location by following the map in order to get your goods delivered.
  • Letter D is the destination, where you have to deliver the goods.

As you get goods to deliver, a timer on the screen gets started. This timer starts from zero and continues till you complete the level. You will also see a bar graph on the screen, which shows the total damage to the goods. This bar graph decreases to some extent every time your truck strikes with an object, like trees, rocks, other vehicles, etc. After each delivery, you will get some money as reward from which you can buy new trucks. How much money you will receive depends on the total time taken by you to complete a level, and also on the amount of damage.

Three camera modes are available in the game. Use C key to change the camera mode.

Controls: You can navigate your truck by pressing WASD or Arrow keys. In order to apply brake, press Spacebar key.

Truck Driver Chernobyl

Truck Driver Chernobyl is a free truck driving game software for Windows. In this game, you are a truck driver and working in the area near Chernobyl Nuclear Plant, Ukraine. Your motive is to carry the dangerous nuclear goods to the destination without any damage. Remember, that you are driving near the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant, where your little carelessness would be life-threatening. Hence, you need to drive your truck carefully.

You will pass through the unconstructed road, which is full of pits. Not only this, you will also face some sharp turns on your way. In addition to this, you also have to keep an eye on the fuel tank of your truck. The fuel decreases continuously, no matter whether you are driving your truck or not. Avoid all the obstructions on your way and try to reach your destination before the fuel of your truck runs out. Your game will be over if you drop the goods anywhere on your way or run out of the fuel.

This truck game comes with 5 interesting levels, of which each level comes with amazing graphics. Moreover, this free truck simulator game has good sound effects.

Game Controls: This free truck driving game is very easy to play. Use WASD keys to navigate the direction of your truck. Besides this, you can also use Arrow keys for the same.

On the bottom left side of the screen, you will see “number of frames per second” of the game.

Mad Truckers

Mad Truckers is another free truck driving game for Windows. This free truck simulator game comes with two modes of gameplay: Campaigning and Training. Let’s discuss both of these gameplay modes:

  • Training: This is basically a survival mode of gameplay, in which you have to drive your truck as far as possible. It displays the distance you traveled in miles. On the bottom right corner of the screen, there is a speedometer, which shows the current speed of your truck. The speed of the truck varies from 0 to 90 on the scale of the speedometer. You also have to be cautious from the attacks of enemies, who fire bullets, bombs, etc. on you from their vehicles. The survival mode ends when your truck’s health will become zero.
  • Campaigning: This gameplay mode comes with more than 10 different missions. You can play next mission only if you clear the previous mission. You have to complete each mission by covering a particular distance. It is advised to keep an eye on timer, as you have to reach your destination within the given time.

In order to make the level of the game more difficult, the developer added a health bar of the truck. The maximum value of this health bar is 100%. Avoid striking with other vehicles and obstructions (trees, stones, hills, pits, etc.), as the health of your truck gets decreased by a definite value on every collision. The color of health bar changes as it decreases. Green health bar indicates Good Health, Orange health bar indicates Normal health, and Red health bar indicates Low Health conditions. When the health of your truck gets decreased below a particular level, a message “Low Health” is displayed on the screen.

After the completion of each level in Campaigning mode, you will be rewarded some money, which you can use to buy upgrades for your truck.

Other features of this free truck driving game:

  • Different backgrounds are available in the game, like sunny day, winter, snowfall, etc.
  • More than 10 skins for your truck are available.
  • Different types of upgrades are available in the game.
  • It comes with good graphics and sound effects.

Cargo Truck Simulator - City Transporter Duty

Cargo Truck Simulator – City Transporter Duty is yet another free truck driving game for Windows. This is a simple Windows 10 app, which comes with 10 different levels.

You are a truck driver in this game, and you provide different services of transportation. You will get different material to transport, like cars, oil drums, wood logs, etc. You have to complete your task within the given time limit. If the time ends before the completion of a task, your game will be over and all progress of that level will be lost.

On your way, you will face many obstructions, like pedestrians, city traffic, etc. You are a skilled truck driver, hence, avoid all those obstructions and do not harm any pedestrian.

The starting level of the game is very easy, but as you move to the higher levels, it will become more difficult to complete the task within the given time.

Controls: Use WASD or Arrow keys to navigate your truck and Spacebar to apply brakes. In order to move your truck in the backward direction, you have to put your truck in Reverse gear by pressing R key. Press R key again to change Reverse gear to Forward gear and vice-versa.

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