4 Free Venn Diagram Maker Apps for Android

Here is a list of 4 free Venn diagram maker apps for Android. A Venn diagram illustrates the relationship among and between two or more entities. It is widely used to show the relationship in logic, linguistics, probability statistics, and computer science. Making a Venn diagram is easy and you can do it on your Android device.

You can use these free apps to create Venn diagrams. One of this app is quite versatile in terms of Venn diagrams. This app can make Venn diagrams for various needs. You can make custom Venn diagrams, edit them later, and change the appearance. Two of these apps can create Venn diagrams for set operations only. You can just enter the set operation and get a Venn diagram for that.   You can explore this article and pick an app that works for you.

My Favorite Venn Diagram Maker App

Lucidchart is my favorite Venn diagram maker app on this list. Lucidchart is a popular diagram editor that is also available on the web. It can create various types of diagrams and charts including UML, AWS, Azure, GCP, Network Diagrams, Flowcharts, Process Maps, Mind Maps & multi-set Venn Diagrams. The Android app offers a simple drag-and-drop editor where you can create the diagram either using a template or from scratch. On top of that, it offers various options to export, save, and share diagrams.

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Lucidchart is a free diagram, flowchart, and Visio viewer app for Android. It is the same as the popular Lucidchart web application but on mobile. This app has libraries of diagram templates and shapes. It can create various types of diagrams including the Venn diagram. You can just pick a Venn diagram template and replace it with your data to plot the Venn diagram. Then you can customize the appearance of the diagram as well.

This app can also import and open Microsoft Visio files supporting VDX, VSD, VSDM, and VSDX formats. Users can create an account or sign up with a social media account (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.) to keep store their documents. The diagrams can be exported to PDF and share online via a shareable link. It also has integration with Google Drive, MS Office, and many other team communication platforms.


  • Create and edit existing diagrams
  • Drag and drop editor
  • pre-built template library
  • Create multi-set Venn diagrams with text and other shapes
  • Customize the colors and appearance of the diagrams
  • Import Images in the diagrams
  • In-editing comments
  • Supports VDX, VSD, VSDM, and VSDX formats
  • Export to PDF
  • Email share & shareable link
  • Shapes library (UML, AWS, Azure, GCP, Network Diagrams, Flowcharts, Process Maps, Mind Maps & Venn Diagrams)
  • Integration with GSuite, Google Drive, MS Office, MS Teams, Slack, Jira, Etc.

Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram is a free Venn diagram maker app for Android. This app is designed with the sole purpose of making Venn diagrams. It is limited to drawing Venn diagrams for set operations. You can define the set operations in the app using the built-in keyboard. After that, this app makes the Venn diagram for your set operations. The diagram is generated automatically and there are no options to customize the diagram. You can just change the set operation to change the diagram. Apart from that, there is nothing more you can do. In the end, you can export the diagram as an image file.


  • Make multi-set Venn diagrams
  • Limited to set operation based Venn diagrams
  • Save diagram as an image file
  • Quickly access frequently used expressions from the upper right corner

Set operations, Venn diagram

Set operations, Venn diagram is another free Venn diagram maker app for Android. This is a simple app to quickly make Venn diagrams for set operations. This app can create multi-set Venn diagrams. All you have to do is enter your set operations in the app. When you enter a valid set operation(s), it plots a Venn diagram for it. The diagram is monochrome that you can save as an image.


  • Make multi-set Venn diagrams
  • Limited to set operation based Venn diagrams
  • Save diagram as an image file
  • Available set operations: union, intersection, difference, complement, and symmetric difference

That’s So Venn - Word Trivia

That’s So Venn is a word trivia game build around Venn digrams. This game features various categories. You can pick a category and get questions related to that particular category. The questions are basically a Venn diagram where it shows you all the elements of the Venn diagram and based on that, you have to guess the missing one. You also get a hint for the puzzle that can help you make the right guess. This game has hundreds of levels, so it can be a decent way to spend some time.


  • Venn diagram based word trivia
  • Improve vocabulary and learn with each Venn diagram puzzle
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