4 Best Free Stick Figure Animation Software For Windows

List of 4 best free stick figure animation software for Windows.

Stick figure animation (also known as pivot animation) is an animation which is created when many stick figure drawings are represented frame by frame one after another. It is also one of the easiest, oldest and widely used animation. It can be easily created by using software.

You can use all these software to create stick figure animation easily and quickly. You can also learn how to make stick figure animation by using these software. They all are very small and three of these software are less than 1 MB in size. They can create colored stick figure animation and they also provide tools to create different types of stick figures, such as: dot, line, circle, semi-circle, etc. They can save the animation in image, animated image and video file formats.

Let’s see each of these software with some of their handy details. Meanwhile, also checkout these 3D animation, GIF animator and visio viewer software.

Here Are The 4 Best Free Stick Figure Animation Software For Windows:


Stykz is one of the finest stick figure animation software. Using this software, you can add stykz and pivot stick figures easily in various colors and sizes to create animation. It provides various figures to create stick figure on your own in different colors and sizes. It lets you easily change the movement of the stick figure in various frames. It can export the animated stick figures in animated GIF, PNG image array, JPG image array, transparent PNG image array and GIF image array. It is also a cross-platform software, you can also use it in Mac and Linux OS. You can also check out its animation gallery on its website.


TISFAT-ZERO is a small stick animation software. Use this software to add default as well as custom stick figures and easily change their looks in various frames to create animation. It has one unique feature that it lets you add multiple layers for each frame in the animation. It can export animated stick figures to animated GIF and it is available in portable format with downloadable zip file size less than 1 MB.


Pivot is a very small pivot animator or stick figure animator. Use this software to simply add the stick figures and animate them frame by frame to create pivot animation. Some of the features it provides are: change figure color, edit figure shape, set figure transparency, etc. It can import images from the computer and insert them in the animation. WMV video and animated GIF are two file formats in which it can save the animated stick figures. This pivot animator is also a portable and standalone software with downloadable zip file size less than 75 KB.

Stickman animation

Stickman animation is a web-based stick animation software with a nice user-interface. It provides some very useful features for creating stick figure animation, some of them are:

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