3 Best Free Software to Batch Convert DOC to DOCX for Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Software to Batch Convert DOC to DOCX for Windows. DOC and DOCX both are Mircosoft Word formats while DOC being the older version and DOCX being the newer one. If you have several old Mircosoft Word documents and you want to convert them all to the latest Word version which is DOCX, you can use any of these free batch converters.

These are basically batch document converters that support both DOC and DOCX formats as input and output. Apart from these two Word formats, you can also convert various other document files in these, such as PDF, HTML, RTF, TXT, EPUB, FB2, etc. Some software also let you convert documents to images including PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and GIF.

Additional features including output PDF watermarking, output image watermarking, PDF encryption, extract images from documents, document reader, and more can be found in many of these converters. All in all, these are feature rich software using which you can batch convert various document files including batch DOC to DOCX conversion.

My Favorite Software to Batch Convert DOC to DOCX for Windows:

AVS Document Converter and Soft4Boost Document Converter both are good document converter that let you convert multiple DOC files to DOCX format at once. These support various other file formats for conversion and you can find some handy additional tools in these.

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AVS Document Converter

AVS Document Converter is a free software to batch convert DOC to DOCX for Windows. It is specially designed to convert documents of various formats in bulk. You can input a wide number of documents of various formats in it including DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, PPS, HTML, DjVu, etc. As for output, it supports document formats including DOC, DOCX, ODT, HTML, Image (JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG), RTF, TXT, and eBook (FB2, MOBI, EPUB).

How to batch convert DOC to DOCX in AVS Document Converter:

  • The first step is to import DOC files by using the Add Files button.
  • Now, to batch convert to newer version of Microsoft Word (DOCX), select DOCX format from the Output Format panel.
  • After that, you can set up rename pattern for the output DOCX file.
  • Lastly, provide output folder location and hit the Convert Now! button to start batch DOC to DOCX conversion.

Additional Features:

Apart from batch document conversion, it provides a lot more features which may come in handy. These features include:

  • It provides an inbuilt document reader to view and read imported document files.
  • You can extract images from the source DOC and other documents.
  • For PDF output files, you can merge input document as well as watermark and encrypt them.
  • In case of images as output, it lets you watermark them and set up some related format settings.
  • It also lets you create an archive file containing several files.


It is one of the best free software to convert a set of multiple Microsoft Word files from older version to newer version i.e., DOC to DOCX.

Soft4Boost Document Converter

Soft4Boost Document Converter is another free software to batch convert DOC to DOCX. It is another batch document converter that lets you convert multiple documents from one format to another. Some of its supported formats as input and output include DOC, DOCX, XPS, PDF, DjVu, EPUB, FB2, ODT, ODP, RTF, HTML, MHT, TXT,  MOBI, PPT, and PPTX. You can also convert documents to images in formats including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and GIF.

Now, let’s check out a sorted procedure to convert multiple Word documents from DOC to DOCX format at a time.

How to batch convert DOC to DOCX in Soft4Boost Document Converter:

  • Firstly, click the Add Files button to import multiple Word documents in DOC format.
  • Now, from the right panel i.e., Output Format section, choose DOCX as output.
  • After that, set up renaming pattern, enter output location, and hit the Convert Now! button. It will quickly convert all added DOC files to DOCX and save output documents in the specified directory.

Additional Features:

  • As you import DOC or any other document file, it lets you read it in dedicated reading section. Options including zoom and page navigation are also provided to help you view document content.
  • In a few output formats (PDF, images), you can watermark and add security to resulting files.
  • You can extract pictures from imported document files and save them in a predefined location.


It is another good software that you can use to batch convert DOC to DOCX format quickly. Some more features are provided in it that may come handy for its users.

MultiDoc Converter

MultiDoc Converter is yet another free software to batch convert DOC to DOCX. As the name suggests, it is also a document converter that lets you process and convert a bunch of document files together. Apart from DOC and DOCX, it supports EPUB, RTFTXT, XMLMHT, and ODT as import and export formats. Other than batch document conversion, it doesn’t provide any other feature.

How to batch convert multiple DOC files to DOCX format in MultiDoc Converter:

  • At first, provide the source location containing multiple DOC files.
  • Next, from the Include section, select Doc format.
  • Now, select Microsoft Word (.docx) format from the available output formats.
  • Finally, provide a destination location and press the Convert button to start batch conversion process.

It displays status of all converted or being converted files in a dedicated window.


It is a straightforward batch document converter using which you can convert old Microsoft Word files to new ones at once.

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