4 Best Free RAM Speed Test Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free RAM speed test software for Windows. Using these software, you can easily test the speed of your system RAM module. RAM speed means how fast your RAM can Read and Write data to or from its memory. Higher read and write speeds represent that your RAM is fast and is capable of handling fast paced tasks including Games. Through most software, you can easily test the read and write speed of your RAM modules. However, some software also let you test latency, single core speeds, multi- core speeds, etc., of your RAM module. In one software, you can even test the read and write speed of GPU RAM.

Through some of these software, you can also test other components of your system namely CPU, Storage Drive, and GPU. Just like RAM speed test, these software also test and show speed of other components of your system. Apart from producing the result, some software also let you compare results of your system components with the results of other system components present on their websites. In general, all of these software are quite simple and easy to operate. The time spent in testing the RAM speed is also quite low and you will not have to wait longer to get the speed test results. Go through the list to find your favorite RAM speed test software.

My Favorite RAM Speed Test Software For Windows:

UserBenchmark is my favorite software because it provides the most comprehensive RAM speed test results. I also like its ability to test and compare results of other components of a system.

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UserBenchmark is a free RAM speed test software for Windows. This software is mainly used to test the performance of your entire system. However, it also shows the results of individual components including the RAM in which you can view the speed of your RAM module.

To test the performance of a system, this software performs a series of test like Integer test, Floating Number test, 3D Gaming test, RAM single and multi core test, RAM Latency test, RAM Bandwidth test, and more. The tests performed by this software are quite comprehensive but take slightly longer time when compared to other software to finish.

An option to only test the speed of RAM is also provided by this software that you can select to quickly find out the RAM speed. After completion of the RAM speed test, this software takes you to the UserBenchmark test results webpage where you can view RAM write speed, RAM read speed, RAM Frequency, RAM single core result, RAM multi core result, and RAM latency values. Along with RAM, it also gives speed test results of other modules of your system. On UserBenchmark results webpage, you can also view results of other systems which you can compare with your results.

Additional System Component Results:

  • CPU: In CPU result, it shows single and multi core Mixed, floating, and Integer test results. Plus specifications of CPU like CPU name, number of cores, CPU threads, etc., are also provided by it.
  • GPU: In GPU result, this software shows frame rates achieved by the GPU during Lighting, Reflection, Gravity, and other tests.
  • Drive: In Drive test results, you can view the read speed, write speed, mixed speed, 4K read speed, 4K write speed, etc., of your HDD or SSD storage.

More Features:

According to the obtained results, this software also shows you where the performance of your system stands when compared to other systems. Plus, it also shows for which tasks your system is capable of, and for which tasks, it is not.

Final Thoughts:

This software provides the most detailed RAM and system speed test results. Plus, it is also quite easy to operate.

Roadkil's RAM Test

Roadkil’s RAM Test is a free and portable RAM speed test software for Windows. As it is a portable software, hence you can also use it without installing it in your system.

Through this software, you can find out RAM read and write speeds along with other important statistics of the RAM. In order to find the operating speeds of the RAM, this software performs a test named Walking Bit that takes around 20 seconds to finish. Immediately, after the test is finished, you can view the read and write speeds of your RAM in GB/sec.

Apart from testing the speed of RAM, this software also shows you number of errors if present in your RAM module.

Additional Features:

  • Total System RAM: It shows the total amount of installed RAM in your system.
  • Progress: It shows the real time progress of RAM speed test process.
  • Memory Tested: It shows the amount of memory tested by this software.
  • Data Written: It shows how much data is written into the RAM during the speed test.
  • Average Chunk Size: It shows the average chunk size or average amount of contiguous memory that can be written in one operation.
  • Largest Chunk Size: It shows the largest chunk size present in the RAM memory.
  • Smallest Chunk: It shows the smallest possible contiguous memory chunk present in the RAM.

Final Thoughts:

It is a simple and quick software to find out the speed of your RAM module as it takes quite less time to test the speed of RAM.


Novabench is another free RAM Speed Test software for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It is primarily a system performance tester that tests different components of the system namely CPU, GPU, HardDisk and RAM. However, it also provides options to test only one component of your system at a time. After performing the test, this software gives a score that you can compare with the score of other systems to find out how fast the speed of your RAM or other system components are in comparison to other systems. In case of RAM, it also shows the actual data transfer speed of RAM in MB/sec.

How to test RAM speed using this RAM speed test software:

  • Launch this software and go to Tests > Individual Tests menu and click on RAM tests option to immediately start RAM speed test.
  • You can also press the Start Test button that is present on its main interface to test the speed of all components of your system.

Additional Features:

  • View Charts and Comparisons: This feature leads you to the Novabench submit page where you can submit the results of your system and view the detailed performance graph.
  • Saved Test Results: This software automatically saves the results of each RAM speed test that you can view under the saved test results panel.
  • Compare Results: This feature lets you compare any two previously saved RAM speed test results.


  • This software is only free for private use.
  • Many features of this software like temperature monitor, schedule test, battery test, etc., are locked in this free version of Novabench.

Final Thoughts:

It is a very good software to test RAM speed and the speed of other important system components.

GFX Memory Speed Benchmark

GFX Memory Speed Benchmark is yet another free RAM speed test software for Windows. Using this software, you cannot only test the speed of your system RAM, but you can also test the speed of graphics card or GPU RAM.

In it, you get separate options to test read and write speeds of both systems’ and GPU RAM modules. Before starting the test, you can also manually define the memory allocation size and number of passes to test the RAM speed. After the test, you can view the RAM latency, Peak write speed, Peak read speed of both system and GPU RAM modules as well as name of GPU, free texture memory size information, etc.

How to test RAM speed using this RAM speed test software:

  • Launch this software and click on Write to system RAM button to find out the system RAM write speed.
  • After that, click on the Read from system RAM button to find out the system RAM read speed.
  • Similarly, click on Write to GFX RAM and Read from GFX RAM buttons to find out the write and read speeds of GPU RAM, respectively.
  • To find out the peak read and write speeds of both system and GPU RAMs, click on the Run benchmark button.

Final Thoughts:

It is a simple and straightforward RAM speed test software through which you can quickly find out the speed of your system and GPU RAM modules.

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