5 Best Free Ray Tracing App For Android

Here is a list of best free ray tracing app for Android. Ray tracing is a technique to simulate a virtual scene by tracing the path of lights as pixels. This technique is used in games and renderings to give virtual objects real like lighting effects. If you want to run ray tracing models on your Android device or test your device capability for ray-traced workloads, then check out these ray tracing apps.

In some of these apps, users can run predefined ray-traced scenes on their devices and also adjust some ray tracing parameters. Some of the ray-tracing parameters that users can adjust are reflection, environment, interlacing, scene resolution, etc. According to the adjusted parameters, users can view the changes in ray-traced models. A few apps even allow users to interact with the models present in a ray-tracing scene.

Using most of these apps, users can test the performance of their Android devices for ray tracing workload. To do that, these apps render predefined ray tracing scenes one or more times and give benchmark results. The results produced by these apps are mostly in the form of render time, number of rays produces, rays per second, etc. Go through the list to know more about these apps.

My Favorite Ray Tracing App For Android:

Raytracer Demo is my favorite app because it allows users to run and change various aspects of a ray-traced model in real-time. Plus, it lets users interact with ray-traced models.

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Raytracer Demo

Raytracer Demo is a free open source ray tracing app for Android. Using this app, users can run a fully functional ray tracing demo on their Android device. It only uses the CPU to ray trace and displays the ray tracing elements. This app features reflective spheres along with environment, interlacing, and reflections. Users can enable or disable one more ray tracing elements according to their requirements. Now, check out the main features of this app.

  • Ray Tracing Elements Control: This app allows users to enable or disable Reflections, Environment, and Interlacing ray tracing elements.
  • Ray Tracing Performance: It also shows the ray tracing performance in the form of Frames/ Second, and Viewing Rays/ Second.
  • Speed: Using it, users can increase or decrease the speed of the ray-tracing demo.
  • Interactive Demo: This demo also allows users to interact with the reflective spheres present on this app.

Final Thoughts:

It is my favorite ray tracing app for Android that allows users to test real-time ray tracing on their Android devices.

Ray Casting Demo

Ray Casting Demo is another free ray tracing app for Android. This app uses both ray tracing and ray casting techniques to generate ray tracing models. It also allows users to specify the exact number of light rays that this app can use to show objects. In addition to that, users can move the objects in the left and right directions. Tools to change the distance between light source and objects are also present in it. Now, check out the primary features of this app.

Main Features:

  • Ray Tracing: It is the primary feature that users need to enable to generate actual ray traced models.
  • Navigation Tools: This app offers two on-screen navigation tools through which users can look around models and adjust the distance from models.
  • Rays: Use it to manually specify the number of rays you want to emit from a light source.
  • Benchmark: This app also shows a benchmark highlighting the minimum, average, and maximum frame rates of the generated ray-traced model.


  • This app shows ads on its interface.

Final Thoughts:

It is another good ray tracing app for Android that can also use ray casting techniques to show models.

RayTracer Benchmark

RayTracer Benchmark is yet another free ray tracing app for Android. As its name implies, it is mainly a ray tracing benchmark app that generates a ray traced model to find out the performance of your Android device in ray tracing workloads. This app can test both the single-threaded as well as the multi-threaded performance of an Android device. Now, take a look at the primary features of this ray tracing app.

Main Features:

  • Rendering Resolution: Use it to change the resolution of the ray-tracing model that this app will create.
  • Rendering Frequency: Using it, users can specify how many times this app show render the same ray-traced model, again and again, to find out the sustained performance of a device.
  • Results: After the completion of the benchmark run, users can view a ray-traced model along with results like the number of rays per second, rendering time, launched rays, etc.

Additional Feature:

  • Compare: Through this tool, users can compare the benchmark of your device with the benchmark results of other popular Android devices.

Final Thoughts:

It is another good ray tracing app for Android through which users can generate a ray-traced model and test their devices for ray tracing workloads.

Simple Raytracer Demo

Simple Raytracer Demo is another free ray tracing app for Android. This app contains multiple ray-traced models that users can run on your device. The good thing about this app that it shows a 360-degree view of each of its ray-traced models. Although, it doesn’t allow users to manually change any parameters of the ray-traced model. Now, check out the primary features of this app.

Main Features:

  • Multiple Ray Tracing Models: This app offers 7 completely different ray-traced models between which users can quickly switch.
  • Rendering Time: With each model, this app shows the model resolution and rendering time that helps users find out how well your device can handle ray tracing workloads.
  • Scene Description: With each ray-traced scene this app shows describes the ray tracing elements present in it like reflective elements, transparent elements, triangles, quadratic surfaces, etc.


  • This app doesn’t allow users to make changes to any ray-tracing parameter.

Final Thoughts:

It is another capable ray tracing app for Android that comes with multiple ray-traced models that users can easily run on their Android devices.

Ray Tracer by Corey Beres

Ray Tracer is the last free ray tracing app for Android. Using this app, users can generate a custom 3D ray-tracing model. To do that, users need to manually specify various parameters like Image Resolution, Recursion Depth, Reflection Jitter, Number of Reflection Rays, L max, and more. According to the specified parameters, this app generates a ray-traced model. Now, check out the main features.

Main Features:

  • Illumination Model: This app comes with two types of illumination models namely Phong and Phong-Blinn. Other ray-tracing parameters affect both the illumination models.
  • Reflections: It is another important ray-tracing tool through which users can toggle between Mirror and Dull reflections.
  • Number of Threads: By choosing more threads users can improve the ray-tracing model performance.


  • This app contains multiple bugs that sometimes prohibit this app to run ray tracing models.

Final Thoughts:

It is a decent ray tracing app that allows users to manually change the behavior of ray tracing model animation.

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