5 Best Free CSV to XLSX Converter Software for Windows

Here is a list of best free CSV to XLSX converter software for Windows. These free software can be used to convert CSV files to newer Microsoft Excel file format i.e., XLSX. You can also convert CSV to the older version of Microsoft Excel which is XLS. Most of these software even let you encrypt output XLSX and XLS files before conversion.

Almost all of these are spreadsheet maker and editor software. Hence, you can view as well as edit CSV spreadsheet prior to conversion to XLSX. You can edit data entries, add new rows and columns, delete an existing row or column, move rows and columns, and do more. Additionally, you can insert image, hyperlinks, comment, etc., to the CSV file. These software let you evaluate data using various mathematical functions. More additional tools are provided in these software which include data filtering and sorting, data visualization, auto correct, autosave, and more.

These software work fine with many other spreadsheet formats. So, you can also convert CSV to ODS, OTS, XLT, HTML, Office Open XML Spreadsheet, DBF, etc. All in all, these free CSV to XLSX converters are very capable software and can also be used to perform a variety of spreadsheet related tasks. You can go through this list to find your favorite software according to your requirements.

My Favorite Free CSV to XLSX Converter Software for Windows:

LibreOffice Calc is one of my favorite software to convert CSV file to XLSX format. It is a feature rich spreadsheet software which is packed with a wide number of tools. Plus, it supports a lot of input and output file formats.

csv2excel is another favorite of mine because it can batch convert CSV to XLSX with a simple command. Checkout its description to know how.

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LibreOffice Calc

LibreOffice Calc is a free open source CSV to XLSX converter software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Using it, you can open a CSV file, view it, modify it, and then convert it to XLSX format.

This software is a part of the popular office suite known as LibreOffice. It contains office software which can be used for a lot of utilities, e.g., creating or editing documents, presentations, drawings, etc.

How to convert CSV to XLSX using LibreOffice Calc:

  • First, import a CSV file to this software.
  • You can now review the spreadsheet data.
  • The spreadsheet can also be edited using available spreadsheet creation tools, if required.
  • At last, go to File menu and click the Save As option and set output file format to Excel 2007-2019 i.e., XLSX. As you do that, the CSV file will be converted to XLSX format.

Additional Features:

  • You can encrypt output spreadsheet before CSV to XLSX conversion. Plus, you can add digital signature to it for an added security.
  • It also acts as a data visualization software because you can graph numerical data using it.
  • You can perform calculations with the use of different functions available in its inbuilt function wizard.
  • Some handy options including Sort, Calculate, Validity, Pivot Table, Subtotals, Consolidate, Standard Filters, Advanced Filters, and more are offered by it.
  • You can find some more useful tools in it including AutoCorrect, Spellcheck, Share Spreadsheet, Solver, etc.
  • It supports various spreadsheet file formats including ODS, OTS, XML, XLS, XLT, WKS, WB2, etc.


It is one of the best software to convert CSV to XLSX and to perform various spreadsheet related operations.


csv2excel is a command line CSV to XLSX converter for Windows. It is a simple software using which you can convert a CSV file to XLSX spreadsheet using a simple command. The advantage of this software is that you can also batch convert CSV to XLSX using it. Let’s see what is the command for converting CSV to XLSX using it.

How to convert CSV to XLSX using Command Prompt:

For conversion of single CSV file to XLSX spreadsheet, follow below steps:

  • First, open the Command Prompt and navigate to the path where csv2excel.exe application file is present in the downloaded folder i.e., “\csv2excel-master\csv2excel-master\csv2excel\bin\Debug\”.
  • Now, copy and paste the CSV file which you want to convert to the same folder.
  • After that, give command with the following syntax in CMD: csv2excel.exe -i <inputfilename.csv>

Here, you just have to give name of input CSV file, execute the command, and it will create XLSX file with same filename in the same folder. An example of command and output file created can be seen in the above screenshot.

To batch convert CSV to XLSX using commands with this software, the steps are as follows:

  • Paste all your CSV files to its downloaded folder as discussed above.
  • Open a Notepad or any text editor and write the same command (as mentioned above) multiple times with change in filenames. For example:
    csv2excel.exe -i lof.csv
    csv2excel.exe -i lof1.csv
    csv2excel.exe -i lof2.csv
  • Now, save this file with .bat file extension to create a batch file. Make sure you have saved this batch file to the folder where csv2excel.exe file is stored.
  • Finally, run the created batch file and it will save all converted XLSX files in the same folder.


I really liked this software as you just have to use a simple command for converting CSV to XLSX. Not just single, you can even convert multiple CSV to XLSX format using simple commands.

WPS Spreadsheet

WPS Spreadsheet is another one of the best CSV to XLSX converter for Windows. Using it, you can view and even edit CSV file before you convert them to XLSX format.

It comes with a free office software package called WPS Office. It contains more office software which include WPS Writer and WPS Presentation. These software are used for creating and editing document and presentation files.

How to convert CSV to XLSX using WPS Spreadsheet:

  • At first, open a CSV spreadsheet and you will be able to view consisting data on its interface.
  • Now, if required, you can modify the CSV file, such as edit values, add new rows and columns, delete a specific row or column, etc.
  • After modification, use its Save As feature to convert imported and edited CSV file to XLSX format.

Additional Features:

It is a featured spreadsheet software with a lot of handy tools. Some of those tools and features include the following:

  • Before conversion, you can encrypt output XLSX spreadsheet.
  • You can find a lot of inbuilt and online templates to create spreadsheets in it.
  • It provides a number of mathematical functions and formulas for evaluation of data.
  • You can plot numerical data on various types of graphs.
  • Some more handy tools offered by this software include remove duplicate entries, highlight duplicate, consolidate data, apply filters, insert pivot table, etc.
  • This software also supports formats like XLS, XLT, DBF, DIF, etc.
  • You can also export a CSV, XLSX, or any other supported spreadsheet to PDF.
  • It offers cloud support to save and access the spreadsheet data.


It is another versatile spreadsheet software which can also convert CSV to XLSX without much hassle.

SoftMaker FreeOffice

SoftMaker FreeOffice, as the name suggests, is a free office software for Windows. It can be your another alternative to a CSV to XLSX converter. You can use its PlanMaker application for the conversion of CSV to XLSX file.

How to convert CSV to XLSX using this free office software:

At first, launch PlanMaker and import a CSV file in it. You will be able to view the data containing in the imported file on its interface. If you want, you can modify the CSV file prior to conversion. Finally, click on File > Save As option and select output file type as XLSX to convert CSV to XLSX.

Additional Features:

  • Prior to CSV to XLSX conversion, you can configure properties including metadata and spreadsheet protection (encryption).
  • It supports formats like DBF, TXT, HTML, RTF, etc.
  • It lets you filter and sort data, create a pivot table, etc.
  • You can visualize data by plotting different graphs.
  • It also lets you calculate various statistics using a lot of mathematical functions.


It is a really good software for conversion of CSV to XLSX and for other spreadsheet related tasks. You can use its other applications including TextMaker and Presentations to create documents and presentations, respectively.


Gnumeric is another free open source CSV to XLSX converter software for Windows. It is basically a spreadsheet creator and editor which lets you import a CSV file and export it to XLSX format.

How to convert CSV to XLSX using this open source software:

  • Using the File > Open option, import a CSV file to this software.
  • You can now review the CSV spreadsheet and also, you can edit the cell value, add new columns, and further modify the CSV file.
  • Now, to convert imported CSV file to XLSX, click on File > Save As option and select output file type as MS Excel 2010.

Additional Features:

  • It lets you add image, date & time, name, comment, hyperlink, etc., content to the spreadsheet.
  • It provides various kinds of functions and statistics for the evaluation of spreadsheet data.
  • It can be used for data visualization as it lets you plot various graphs for numerical data.
  • Data filtering and sorting, cell formatting, auto correct, goal seek, solver, auto save, and more handy features are available in it.
  • It supports more spreadsheet formats like TSV, HTML, XLS, etc.


It is a nice free open source spreadsheet software which you can use to convert CSV to new Excel format i.e., XLSX. It is an open source software and you can download its source code from here.

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