4 Best Free Ambient Sound Mixer Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free ambient sound mixer software for Windows. Ambient sound or atmospheric sound is a sound which is present in our surroundings like vehicle sound, rain sound, wind sound, etc. These types of sounds are also quite helpful in relaxation. In many cases, people mix and match different types of ambient sounds to create an ultimate mix that can help them ease up or relax. To mix multiple ambient sounds together, you can use any of these free ambient sound mixer software.

In these software, you can find many ambient sounds like Thunderstorm, Birds, Campfire, Train, Deep Forest, Rainy Day, and more. Options to mix multiple ambient sounds by playing them together are present in these software. Besides this, other useful features like volume controller, sound balance controller, mute all, and more are also present. After mixing ambient sound, you can either save the sound within software or just listen to the mixed sound.

In some software, you can also mix external sounds or music with the existing ambient sounds. Plus, you can find some additional features like music player, playlist player, alarms, etc., in some of these software. In general, all of these are capable yet quite simple to understand and use. Go through the list to know more about these ambient sound mixing software.

My Favorite Ambient Sound Mixer Software For Windows:

HaloteaFree is my favorite software as it provides a lot of ambient sounds which you can easily mix. Plus, this software lets you save all your sound mixes within this software which you can later play. It also comes with an audio player that you can use to play music and playlists.

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HaloteaFree is a free ambient sound mixer software for Windows. This software provides many sound themes or profiles in it such as Fire Meditation, Drifting, Jungle, Lunar Lake, Meditation Life, Rain In Forest, Relax, and more. Each theme contains two, four, or a maximum of five sounds representing the theme. You can enable one or more sounds of a theme to start mixing it. You can also use volume controller and preset balance sliders which come with each sound to vary the intensity and balance of the respective sound. A timer is also present on the main interface that you can set so that the ambient sound will automatically stop playing after the specified time.

How to mix ambient sounds using HaloteaFree:

  • Open the interface of this software and select a theme of your choice to immediately start playing it.
  • Now, to mix the sounds of the selected theme, you can enable or disable certain theme sounds and also adjust the volume and balance of each individual sound using the volume and preset balance sliders.
  • After mixing the sound, press the Save button to save changes to the theme. When you play the modified theme later, you will hear the modified or mixed sound.

Additional Features:

  • Audio Player: Using it, you can play audio files of all popular audio formats like MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, etc.
  • Timer: It allows you to set a time after which the ambient sound will stop playing.
  • Playlist: This feature lets you add and play audio playlists of M3U and CUE formats.
  • Scheduler: Using it, you can schedule a song for a later time or date.

Final Thoughts:

It is a very good ambient sound mixer software that you can use to quickly mix ambient sounds of different types.

Atmosphere Lite

Atmosphere Lite is another free ambient sound mixer software for Windows. This software comes with a lot of ambient sounds like light rain sound, rain on roof sound, campfire sound, light wind sound, animal sounds (woodpecker, toad, bullfrog, etc.), etc. You can view options to generate different types of sound on the interface of this software.

Multiple prebuild sound profiles are also present in this software like Deep Forest, Rainy Day, Ocean Night, Night Stream, Rainforest, etc. By clicking on a sound profile, you can immediately listen to an ambient sound mix according to the selected profile and also view a picture representing the sound profile. Besides listening to the ambient sound, you can also create your own sound profile by using on-screen sound options. In addition to that, you can also add an external image related to your sound profile.

How to mix ambient sound using Atmosphere Lite:

  • Launch this software and use sounds of background sounds and random sounds sections.
  • Enable and disable different sounds to create a perfect mix of ambient sounds. You can also use background, master, and random volume controllers to control the intensity of different sounds.
  • After that, click on the Save button to save your sound mix in Scenario Files (.att) format. You can load this file later to listen to the created ambient sound mix.

Additional Features:

  • Visual Options: Using it, you can add new images according to your sound profiles.
  • Colors: It allows you to change the background color of this software.
  • Alarm: It is a simple alarm feature using which you can set the alarm at a particular time.


  • In this free version of this software, you don’t get some features like individual sound volume controller, day to night transition, custom sound loading, higher sound quality, and more.
  • The sound recording feature of this software is also not working.

Final Thoughts:

This ambient sound mixer comes with an ample amount of ambient and natural sounds which you can easily mix and listen to.


Kakapo is a free open source ambient sound mixer software for Windows and MacOS. Using this software, you can mix different ambient sounds with each other or with external audio and music. On its interface, you can find all the inbuilt ambient sounds of this software such as Stream, Thunder, Wind, Train, Cat Purring, Paris Cafe, Birds, Waves, Leaves, etc. Only by selecting a sound, you can start playing it. You can also select multiple ambient sounds at a time to mix and play them together. A volume controller is also present with each ambient sound to vary the sound intensity.

To add and play external sound or music, it provides Soundcloud and Add a custom steam options. By providing the link of audio, you can immediately add it to this software and play it with other ambient sounds.

How to mix ambient sound using Kakapo:

Launch this software and select multiple ambient sounds from its interface to start mixing and playing. Now, you can add SoundCloud tracks or provide links of audio streams to this software to add custom music to this software. After adding custom sound, you can mix and play them just like an ambient sound.


  • This software does not remember the previous sound mixes nor it lets you save it internally or externally.
  • The share my playlist feature of this software is not working.

Final Thoughts:

It is a decent ambient sound mixer software that you can use to just mix and listen to mixed ambient sounds.


Sleep-aid is another free open source ambient sound mixer software for Windows. It is a web-based software that needs a web browser to run. In this software, you get seven different ambient sounds namely Forest, Rain, Thunderstorm, Birds, Campfire, Train, and Boat. By clicking on the thumbnail of any ambient sound, you can immediately listen to it. Similarly, you can select multiple ambient sounds to start playing them together. A mute all sounds option is also present in this software using which you can instantly mute all ambient sounds. Besides this, it does not provide any other feature.

How to mix ambient sound using this web based ambient sound mixer software:

  • Open up this software using a web browser.
  • After that, select two or more ambient sounds to mix them.
  • Keep on trying different combinations of ambient sounds until you get an ambient sound mix of your liking.


  • This software provides very limited ambient sounds.
  • Lack of volume controllers is another limitation of this software.

Final Thoughts:

If you need a simple and straightforward ambient sound mixing software, then you can use this one.

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