6 Best Free Elevator Simulator Software For Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Elevator Simulator Software For Windows. Download these free elevator simulator software and operate elevators in real-time. You can operate elevators in various cases, customize various parameters, and do a lot more with these software. Besides this, you can also vary the number of people going to travel in an elevator.

One of these elevator simulators comes with four different controllers. These four controllers operate elevators in a different manner. Out of these four controllers, two are basic controllers and two are advanced ones. The latest controller of this software controls and operates the elevator in the same manner as the real elevator operates.

My favorite elevator simulator software for Windows:

Elevator Simulator is my favorite software. It comes with a lot of customization options. You can vary the number of floors, number of elevators, number of people, elevator capacity, etc. After the completion of the simulation, you can view the waiting time, travel time, and total time of each person. Moreover, it also displays the travel distance and number stops for each elevator.

You can also try Skyscraper. It is the only software which features 3D graphics. Moreover, it has 30+ buildings to simulate. The software offers a walk-through mode for simulation, hence, provides a real experience. Some buildings of this software have more than 100 floors. Furthermore, it also has a lot of customization options for elevators.

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Elevator Simulator

Elevator Simulator, as the name suggests, is a free software for elevator simulation. It is a Java-based elevator simulator. Lets checkout how it works.

How to simulate different instances of elevator use in this lift simulator software:

Launch this software and go to File menu. It provides few sample elevator cases to start with, such as random rider insertion, three-person elevator, three-person two elevator, morning traffic rider insertion, etc. You can select any of the available cases. After that, you can customize various parameters including number of floors, number of elevators, elevator capacity, rider insertion time (ms), controller, random seed, up destination, down destination, etc. Remember, these parameters vary for different cases of elevator use. You can also mention time factor.

After applying related parameters, click on “Go, Dude” button to start lift simulation. It now starts real-time elevator simulation. The event occurred like door opened, arrival, etc. can be viewed in a section below. After the simulation ends, you can view waiting time, travel time, and total time for each person. Also, the highest waiting/travel/total time taken by a person in the entire process is highlighted. In addition to that, it computes and displays minimum, average, and maximum waiting, travel, and total time.

In the Car tab of the software, you can view the travel distance and number stops of each elevator separately. Besides this, it also displays the total travel distance, total number of stops, minimum distance, minimum stops, maximum distance, maximum stops, average distance, and average stops of all elevators. It also displays travel distances and number of stops for each elevator.

All in all, it is one of my favorite elevator simulator as it provides desired simulation results. Also, it is a portable application which works without installation.


Skyscraper is a free building and elevator simulator software for Windows. It is the only software in this list which comes with 3D real-time simulation. With more than 30 building simulations, you will not get bored of this simulator easily. Some of the buildings include Dellerton Plaza, Eternity Plaza, Medical Office Building, One Mantis Center, Sears Tower, Simple, Simple – 500 Floors, Skylab, Terrace, Triton Center, Triton Center III, etc.

Using this elevator simulator is very simple. Explore the building that you have selected. When you reach near an elevator, click the button on the wall to call the elevator. When the elevator reaches you, its doors will open automatically. Now, enter into the elevator and click on the button of the floor on which you want to reach. In simple words, you have to operate the elevator just like a real elevator.

The Elevator Editor of this software lets you change the parameters of the elevator. You can launch this Editor from Simulator > Control Panel option. After launching the Elevator Editor, you can set the name of elevator, change door opening and closing time, lever speed, lever offset, speed of elevator, etc. So, you can simulate an elevator at different parameters by using Elevator Editor.

All in all, Skyscraper is fun and interesting elevator simulation software.

Elevator Simulation

Elevator Simulation is another free elevator simulator for Windows. It is a portable JAVA based application and is very simple to operate.

It features four types of controllers. Each controller operates in two modes: Go mode and Step mode. The Go mode is an automatic mode to run the elevator. Once, you enable this mode by pressing Go button, the elevator simulator starts running continuously until you press the Stop or Reset button. The Step mode is a manual mode which means that in this mode, you have to operate the elevator manually by clicking on Step button again and again.

Now, let’s see what are the four types of controllers in this elevator simulator:

  • SimpleController: It is a very basic controller which moves the elevator to the lowest floor without completing the pending requests. Moreover, it does not operate the doors properly. Let’s take an example of a running elevator which is currently on the 7th floor and is moving to the topmost floor, say 10. Meanwhile, if someone presses the button to the lower floor, say 2, then it moves down the elevator to the second floor without completing the previous request.
  • SafeController: SafeController is an upgraded version of the SimpleController and does not violate the safety property. It also operates the elevator in the same manner as the SimpleController does, but it is safer in terms of opening and closing of doors. Unlike SimpleController, SafeController moves the elevator only when doors are closed.
  • LiveController: LiveController comes with some more improvements than that of the previous versions. It moves the elevator in the sequence in which you press the buttons. Consider an example of a running elevator which is on the topmost floor, say 10. The people in the elevator press buttons in the order 5, 7, 2, 6, 1, and 0. Then it completes the requests in the same order i.e. firstly, 5th floor, after that 7th floor, then 2nd floor, and so on.
  • MinMaxController: This controller runs elevator in the same manner as the real elevator operates. It reaches the highest floor by stopping on each floor with pending request after that, it starts moving downwards and follows the same procedure.

This free elevator simulator software has a total of 5 floors only.

JLESA (Java Lift Simulator & Analizer)

JLESA (Java Lift Simulator & Analizer) is a free elevator simulator and analyzer software for Windows. The simulator has one basement, a ground floor, and 6 floors. The basement is indicated with -1, ground floor with 0, first floor with 1, and so on.

It comes with five configuration test files. All of these configuration files differ from one another in one or more aspects, like number of elevators, default time of simulation, etc. Select any of these configuration files before starting the simulator.

How to use this free elevator simulator software:

The Animated button is provided to run the simulation. You can select the time of simulation as 5 ms, 50 ms, 250 ms, etc. While, in some configuration files, the simulation starts running as you launch the software by default and in some, you have to run the simulation by clicking on the Animated button.

Place the people to be traveled in the elevator by clicking on the empty white space on each floor. The number on each person defines his floor destination. You can change this number by clicking on that particular person. When you are done, click on Animated button to run the simulation.

This is another fun elevator simulation software which comes in portable package.

Elevator Simulator GIT

Elevator Simulator GIT is a free open source elevator simulator software for Windows. Using this software, users can simulate the operation of three side-by-side elevators. Its simulation consists of four floors and three elevators. Plus, users can add any number of people on each floor to simulate real-world elevator usage. All three lifts can be used simultaneously in this simulator.

How to use this elevator simulator software:

  • Launch this software and add one new passenger on any four of the available floors.
  • After that, specify the destination floor number.
  • Next, you can add more passengers and specify the floor number of each passenger.
  • According to the added passengers and their floor numbers, this simulator will simulate the movement of elevators.

In general, it is another great elevator simulator that is also quite fun to use.

elevator system simulator

elevator system simulator is another free open source elevator simulator software for Windows. This simulator contains three elevator systems in a ten-floor building. At any time, users can specify the floor number of any elevator and close its door to move the intended elevator toward the destination floor. A screen indicating the current floor number is also present. Plus, the graphics and operations of this simulator are quite good.

How to use this elevator simulator system:

  • Launch this software using its index file.
  • After that, enter the floor number in any one of the three available elevator systems.
  • Next, click on the close door button to start the movement of the elevator toward its destination floor.
  • When an elevator is stopped, users can open up its door. A screen indicating the current floor number.

In the nutshell, it is a beautifully designed elevator simulator system that users can use to simulate the operations of an elevator system.

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