5 Free Email Marketing Apps for Android

Here is a list of 5 free email marketing apps for Android. Email marketing is a form of marketing that prompts products, services, etc. via sending emails. It is one of the major forms of digital marketing that can be quite impactful when done right. There are many email marketing services out there but most of those work well on laptops. But the email marketing services covered in this list are optimized for Android phones.

These apps bring email marketing to mobile. With these apps, you can create and manage your email campaigns right from the phone. You can build templates, write emails, design newsletters, and even landing pages. There are also segmentation and automation features. The segmentation allows you to target your email to specific audiences. While the automation allows you to schedule your email campaigns.

My Favorite Email Marketing App

MailChimp is my favorite email marketing app on this list. MailChimp is already an established email marketing service. With their Android app, you can access all the features of MailChimp on your phone. You can create and send emails and newsletters, manage mailing lists, get reports, check analytics, and more.

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MailChimp is an email marketing app for Android. It is a multi-purpose marketing platform for email campaigns, newsletters, CRM, marketing, reporting, analytics, content management, and more. You can set up your email marketing campaign in MailChimp and manage everything in one place. MailChimp offers a collection of ready-to-use email templates along with an option to add your own custom templates. You can save multiple templates to your account. Whenever needed, you can simply edit a template and target specific audiences with your email campaigns.


  • Email Marketing & CRM: MailChimp offers all the essential tools to add, import, and manage your email contacts. It shows audience growth and insight into individual contacts.
  • Emails Campaigns: Design and import email templates. Edit and send email marketing campaigns, newsletters.
  • Automation: Automate email campaigns targeting a custom set of audiences.
  • Reports & Analysis: MailChimp gets a deeper look into marketing performance and tracks results for all of your campaigns.
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads: MailChimp can also manage the budget for Facebook and Instagram ads and target specific groups for enagements.
  • Marketing Recommendations: It shows actionable recommendations for improvements.


Curate is a free email marketing app for Android. This is a simple app for email campaigns. You can create your marketing emails and design newsletters on your Android device. And if you have to include a source, you can simply Android share feature to easily bring that source into your email. Similarly, you can manage your email audience in the app. When you are ready to send, simply review your message, select your list of recipients, and schedule when you would like your message to be delivered. You can target your emails to specific audiences and market your brand. Curate makes email marketing easy for everyone.


  • Email Marketing: Create and send marketing emails and newsletters to your subscribers.
  • Design Newsletters: Design responsive newsletters on Android.
  • Manage Your Audience: Manage your email audiences and send emails to specific groups.
  • Schedule Emails: Schedule your emails to send at a specific time automatically.
  • Add Content: Use the built-in Android share functionality to include any content directly from the source.


Moosend Email Marketing tool

Moosend is a free email marking tool for Android. This is another simple yet powerful email marketing app. You can create your email from the scratch on a mobile-friendly interface. Similarly, you can also design newsletters with text, media, and external links. This app can also manage your email subscribers. You can get analytics on the subscribers and create groups to target specific types of audiences. Apart from email marketing, this app can also design landing pages. Just like newsletter, you can create landing pages and have an online address for all your audience and potential customers.


  • Email Marketing: Create and send your marketing emails from Android.
  • Newsletters: Design responsive newsletters with a mobile-friendly interface.
  • Manage Your Audience: Manage your email subscribers in one place and create groups to target specific audiences.
  • Schedule Emails: Schedules emails for s specific time. The emails will be sent automatically at that time.
  • Create Landing Page: Moosend can also create landing pages. Move, crop, resize, group, add and change anything you want and create beautiful landing pages.


UnelmaMail is an AI-powered email marketing tool. It is a fully featured marketing tool designed with automation in mind. With this tool, you can create email templates for marketing emails and newsletters. You can design responsive newsletters and create emails within minutes using templates. It has email automation where you and schedule your email campaign. You can also manage the mailing lists and create segmentation for targetting specific types of audiences.


  • Template Builder: Create email templates with different layouts and insert your content to send emails and newsletters.
  • Mailing List Management: Manage your email mailing lists. Check active and non-active subscribers along with platform stats.
  • Schedule Emails: Schedule your emails to send at a specific time.
  • Target Specific Audience: Create groups of your mailing lists to target your emails to a particular audience.
  • Reports & Analytics: Get reports of your sent emails along with detailed analytics including information such as opening, clicks, etc.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a free insightful Android app for email marketing. This app teaches you email marketing strategies. Inside this app, you find lots of information on email marketing. It shows tips and tricks to help you implement different marketing strategies for maximum impact. The app starts with 10 free email marketing tips. The focus of these tops is how to instantly get benefits from your email marketing. After that, this apps shows use useful tips a day.


  • Email Marketing Info: Get all the information about email marketing and its potential impacts.
  • Email Marketing Strategies: Get to know helpful email marketing strategies to have an impactful email campaign.
  • Email Marketing Tips: Get useful tips on email marketing and how to implement marketing strategies better.
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