5 Best Free Factoring Cubics Calculator For Windows

Here is a list of Free Factoring Cubics Calculator For Windows. Using these free calculators, you can find out the roots of a cubic polynomial easily. All these factoring cubics calculator work on the same principle. You have to provide the values of all coefficients of a cubic equation in order to get all its roots.

Most of these freeware also tell the nature of the roots thus obtained. I have also added a cubics equation calculator in this list which lets you create your own macros to solve different mathematical problems.

My favorite factoring cubics calculator:

Out of all these factoring cubics calculator, I like Microsoft Mathematics the most. It is a fully-featured calculator, the use of which is not limited to solve cubic equations. You can use it to solve both maths and science problems. It comes with a worksheet. You can write any type of problem on the worksheet to get its solution. This feature makes it very easy to use. Besides this, it offers many advanced features. Read the article to know more about it.

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Microsoft Mathematics

Microsoft Mathematics is a free factoring cubics calculator for Windows. It is a featured scientific calculator that is designed to solve both maths and science problems. You can solve equations, plot graphs, convert units, and solve many other problems with this advanced calculator.

Using Microsoft Mathematics is a piece of cake. Simply write a problem on the worksheet provided on its interface and click on Enter button. You can enter any type of problem on the worksheet. You will then get the solution to the entered problem. Apart from this, you can also use the Equation Solver to solve the system of linear equations, quadratic equations, cubic equations, quartic equations, etc. After solving an equation, you can also plot the graph of that equation in the Graphing section.

Following are some of the problems which you can solve with the help of Microsoft Mathematics:

Precise Calculator

Precise Calculator is a free and open source scientific calculator which can be used as roots of cubic equation calculator.

How to solve a cubic equation using Precise Calculator:

Go to Macro menu and select Cubic Equation. This will write a code in the upper empty box of the calculator with default values of coefficients of a cubic equation. You just have to change the values of these coefficients (a, b, c, and d) and press Enter button. All three roots of a cubic equation are displayed in the output box. The time taken to solve a problem is also displayed on its interface. It only solves the roots of a cubic equation but does not tell the nature of roots.

Apart from finding the roots of a cubic equation, it is also capable to find the roots of a quadratic equation, find prime numbers, solve trigonometric equations, solve hyperbolic functions, find area, perimeter, volume, etc. of 2D and 3D geometric shapes. Some of the 2D and 3D geometric shapes include circle, kite, parallelogram, square, trapezoid, cube, cone, trapezium, cylinder, pyramid, etc.

It has four modes of calculation, namely, Norm, Fix, Sci, and Eng. You can switch the result to any of these modes. Moreover, it also features decimal, hexadecimal, and binary conversions. For scientific calculations, it comes with some predefined constants, like Speed of Light, Permittivity of Vacuum, Electron Mass, Proton Mass, Neutron Mass, Boltzmann’s constant, Stefan-Boltzmann’s constant, etc. You can use these constants directly in your calculation.

General Features of Precise Calculator:

  • It supports more than 5 languages: English, Catalan, Espanol, French, Italiano, etc.
  • You can change font style and font size.
  • It lets you save the result in .txt format.
  • You can create your own macros and save them.
  • It automatically saves calculation history. You can clear it anytime.

Precise Calculator is a portable factoring cubics calculator.

NH Mathematical Tools

NH Mathematical Tools is another free factoring cubic polynomials calculator for Windows. The cubic equation is displayed in its standard form, i.e., AX^3+BX^2+CX+D=0 with empty boxes in place of coefficients. You have to fill the value of the coefficients in the required places and click on Solve this Equation button. The final answer is displayed along with the nature of the roots.

It comes with five categories of tools:

  • Algebra: In this section, you will find factoring quadratics calculator, factoring cubics calculator, solving systems of equations calculator with 2 and 3 unknowns, and HCF and LCM finder.
  • Arithmetic-Discrete: This section includes base converter, factorial calculator, and random number generator.
  • Sequence: Fibonacci and Fermat number calculators are provided here.
  • Probability: You can find out the probability by using probability calculator.
  • Quiz: Quiz is available in three levels (easy, medium, and hard). You can also set time for playing the quiz.

Cubique - Cubic Equation Solver

Cubique – Cubic Equation Solver is another free factoring cubics calculator for Windows. The calculator has a very simple interface. The general format of the third order (cubic) equation is shown. You have to enter the values of all four coefficients in the empty spaces. You can enter the coefficients either in decimal, fraction, or exponential form.

It also displays the nature of the roots. The good part of the software is it displays the complex conjugate roots of the equation with red color. On the other hand, all real roots are displayed with blue color. So, you can easily identify them.

A copy to clipboard feature is also available by which you can easily copy the solved roots of the equation. But, this feature did not work while testing.

Root Calculator

Root Calculator is another free factoring cubics calculator for Windows. Using this free calculator, you can find the roots of a cubic equation. The structure of a cubic equation (AX^3+BX^2+CX+D=0) is displayed on its interface. You have to fill up the values of coefficients in the required fields of the cubic equation thus displayed and click on Solve button. The roots of a cubic equation are displayed in the Solutions section along with the nature of roots.

Other advantages of this freeware include interpolation, extrapolation, quadratic roots calculator, quartic equation roots calculator (only for paid users), and complex multiplication.

NOTE: The free version of this software displays only real roots and not the imaginary one. If the cubic equation has any imaginary roots, it displays a message: Complex Roots are shown on Upgrade.

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