12 Best Free Open Source CRM Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free open source CRM software for Windows. All these software work just like any normal CRM software, the only difference is that these software are open source. This means that you can view and modify the source code of these software without any restriction. Now coming to functionality of a CRM software, it is used to solidify relations with customers. Plus, CRM software also let you and your employees easily access an existing customer’s details to provide a better service. Use of these software increases the overall productivity and profitability of a business.

These CRM software consists of various small modules and each module has its own dedicated task. Most common ones are Contacts, Calendar, E-Mail, and Marketing (to run and manage campaigns, leads, opportunities, etc.). Many of these CRM software are web-based and need hosting software like XAMPP and WAMP to run.

My Favorite Open Source CRM Software For Windows:

SuiteCRM is my favorite open source CRM software because it lets you store and manage unlimited contacts and users. All important CRM features along with various handy marketing tools make it much more compelling than other software.

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SuiteCRM is a free open source CRM software for Windows. It is a web-based software through which you can gain valuable insights from your customers, boost conversions, increase sales, and also strengthen the streamline business operation. The biggest advantage of this software is that you can customize it according to your business type.

Through this software, you can create business models and design flexible, automated actions that can be triggered to run at any time. Plus, you can also create templated customer quotes, maintain contract renewals, and track lead progress, control pricing strategies, etc. This software comes with various dedicated sections through which you can manage various aspects of CRM.

Let’s take a brief look at available sections:

  • Accounts: From here, you can view accounts of customers, create new accounts, import more accounts, etc.
  • Sales: Using this section, you can keep track on all new Opportunities, Leads, and also view all the daily activities like meetings, calls, etc.
  • Marketing: Using this section, you can create Campaigns, View Existing Campaign, Assign Campaign, Import Campaign, Create Email Templates, and also manage and create targets, leads, etc.
  • Activities: To manage and schedule calls, emails, meetings, tasks, notes, and cases.
  • Collaboration: Through this section, you can collaborate with your customers and employees, and keep track of project status and various documents related to project. For collaboration, this section provides menus like Emails, Projects, and Documents.

This software also has an Admin Menu from where an administrator can add, modify, and delete both customers and employees account, information, profile, etc.

Note: This web-based CRM software requires software like XAMPP and WAMP to run.


EasyERP is another free open source CRM software for Windows. However, it is mainly used to provide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to both small and large companies. It is a cloud-based software but can also be implemented on servers. It provides you all ERP features like HR management, Accounting, Payroll, Expenses, Purchases, etc. along with CRM. With the help of CRM module, you can easily manage contacts and other important information of Investors, Vendors, Potential Leads, Employees, etc.

Let’s take a look at various features of CRM and how they work:

  • Leads: It helps you view, add, and edit leads and their information. From here, you can also assign leads to other employees and add tags and give priorities to leads.
  • Opportunities: This feature helps you manage all qualified leads which will probably convert into a deal. In here, you can divide your opportunities into various categories like To be Done, Waiting for response, To be discussed, Proposal, and Finalization according to different stages of the deal.
  • Persons: Using it, you can view, edit, and manage all persons connected with your company like employees, customers, etc. Plus, options to export all of your contacts as CSV and XLSX files are also available.
  • Companies: It is similar to Persons feature but instead of managing the information of people, you can manage information related to companies. All information related to companies can also be exported in CSV and XLSX formats.
  • Reports: This feature is for Administrator, using which he or she can find out reports about who created most leads, which leads assigned to which employee, who assigned leads to whom, opportunity conversion rate, opportunity aging, number of opportunities won and lost, etc.
  • Quotations: It allows you to track information related to quotations like Sales Person, Quoted Price, Status, Customer, etc. You can also personally add quotations by pressing the Add button.
  • Tasks: Use it to assign some task for an employee and also to keep track on other overdue or future tasks.

Apart from these main CRM features, you can also find some additional CRM features like Invoices, Proforma, Invoice Aging, etc. on the left side of the interface. Overall, it is a really good software that will help you and your company to maintain a good relationship with customers.


EspoCRM is yet another free open source CRM software for Windows. It is a web-based software that enables you to view, enter, and analyze your company’s relationship with customers, co-workers, and partners. This software is also quite customizable, and you can make changes to it according to your business. This flexibility of this software makes it compatible with different business models like Wholesale and Retail Trade, E-Commerce, Banking, Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare, Travel & Tourism, etc. It is also quite a feature-rich software that provides all essential CRM features. Let’s take a brief look at the highlights of this software.

  • Marketing Automation: To manage and run Campaigns, create target list, perform Email Marketing, and to sync target list with the available reports.
  • Sales Automation: Sales Automation can be performed using Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, and Contacts sections. Initial leads can be a new opportunity and once you get the opportunity, you need to maintain Accounts and Contacts of clients.
  • Administration: This feature is only available for Administrator using which he or she can manage System Settings (UI, Authentication, Scheduled Jobs, Currency, etc. ), Users Settings (Users, Teams, Roles, Action History, etc.), Customization (Layout, Entities,Labels, and Extensions ), Email (Outbound Mails, Inbound Mails, setup of group mail, etc.), and Data (to add new data to this software by importing a CSV file).
  • Calendar: Using it, you can schedule and view meetings, calls, and tasks for yourself and for other users. Plus, you can integrate the internal calendar with the Google calendar to view all the schedule on the go.
  • Email: It is an important feature through which you can communicate and share important documents and notes with customers and co-workers.

Note: The Advanced Pack add-on and VOIP integration features are not available in this free version. And, like many other similar software, it also needs software like XAMPP and WAMP to run.


Group-Office is the next free open source CRM software for Windows. It is an enterprise CRM and group level tool through which you can share calendar, email, files with co-workers and clients. Most of the essential CRM features are available in this free or community version namely, Email, Calendar, File Sharing, Addressbook, Tasks, Notes, and Newsletter. Still, many features are missing from this freeware like Document Editing, Project Management, Time tracking, Billing, etc. If you want to use all of its features, then you need to purchase its Professional version.

Features of this open source CRM software:

  • Address Book: This feature lets you manage personal and contact information of clients as well as of companies. Plus, search and filter tools are also available through which you can quickly search specific information.
  • Calendar: Using it, you can quickly track schedule of meetings and other tasks. Plus, you can also easily schedule meetings and store meeting information like Subject, Participants, Meeting Description, etc.
  • File Sharing: By using Files Tab of this software, you can directly upload or share the existing documents between different shared groups. Plus, you can also view all the documents which are shared with you by other users.
  • Tasks: Using this, you can view as well as create new tasks and set priority (low, medium, and high) of a task. A really handy filter option is also present here, through which you can quickly filter out active task, overdue task, completed task, future task, etc.
  • Notes: It is a simple note feature in which you can store information related to a topic, client, etc. You can also print these notes or save as PDF file.
  • Email: Use it to communicate and share documents and files with users and client via Email.

This software also provides a dedicated tools section for Administrator through which he or she can perform a system check, database check, remove duplicate entries and contacts, sync file system with file database, clear calendar holiday cache, etc. Overall, it is another useful software to manage relationship between customer and providers.


YetiForce is a completely free open source CRM software for Windows. Using this CRM software, you can manage meetings, calls, and events without much hassle. Plus, it also makes it possible to manage company activities like sales, time control, projects, and more. In order to enhance productivity, it gives enough flexibility to add or modify features if needed. This freeware also provides charts, tables, and graphs so that you can gain valuable insights into the performance of your business.

This free open source CRM software comes with various sections which will help you manage various aspects of CRM, named as:

  • Companies and Contacts: From here, you can manage Leads, Accounts, Partners, Vendors, Competition, and Contacts. In each of these fields, you can add, edit, and delete information. Plus, filters and search options to quickly find and retrieve data are also available.
  • Marketing: The section is solely build to run and manage campaigns. Besides campaign management, you can also assign campaign to other users.
  • Sales: Through this section, you can add and manage opportunities, view sales inquiries, and manage sales requirements, purchase orders, recurring orders, etc.
  • Accounting: In it, you get options to create and view Invoices, Proforma Invoices, Correcting Invoices, and Cost Invoices. In addition to it, options to manage both in and out payments are also available.
  • Databases: Through this database section, you can manage three aspects of database named as Product Database (to manage products, outsourced products, and assets), Service Database (to manage services, outsourced services, and sold services), and Lists (to manage corporate emails, text messages, list of calls, Email templates, user passwords, etc.)

This software also has a really handy dashboard that shows all different activities related to sales, marketing, accounting, etc. on its interface. Hence, you don’t always need to go to a specific section to view the progress.


CiviCRM is another web-based, open source CRM software for Windows. This software is mainly designed for non-profit organizations. It helps non-profit organizations to strengthen the relationship between their members and people who support them. Plus, it also proved to be useful in improving the membership process and increasing the participants.

Let’s checkout functionalities of this open source CRM software:

  • Contributions: Using this section, you can add newly received contribution, find existing contributions, view complete contribution reports, manage pledges, and also create and manage new contribution pages.
  • Events: This section is used to create and manage events. An event is an effective method to improve the relationship between your organizations, members, and donors. Besides event, you can also manage personal campaign pages and event templates.
  • Mailing: From here, you can create new emails, view previous emails, view complete mail reports, and also create and find messages.
  • Memberships: It is used to add new members, members personal information, find members, to view membership reports, and also to keep track on contributions made by members.
  • Reports: In this section, you can find and view reports of all other sections. This section has a really advanced filter system through which you can filter out a group of people based on their gender, age, name, DOB, email, contact ID, credit card type, street address, nickname, etc.

The main authority of this software always stays in the hand of the administrator. The administrator can view, edit, and delete every information. Plus, some other privileges like Permissions, System Settings, Communication, Civil Event, etc. can also be modified by the administrator.

Note: To run this software, you need WordPress desktop client and hosting software like XAMPP and WAMP.


X2CRM is another one of open source CRM software. It is a fast and feature rich marketing, sales, and customer service software. Its primary goal is to provide a comprehensive yet easy to use sales, marketing, and customer service system so that companies can retain and acquire new customers. In it, you can find every possible CRM feature that you would need to maintain a relationship with customers. The most important feature of this software is its Activity Tab. It provides you all important information in one place like Activity Feed, Recent Items, Favorite Contacts, Schedules, Active Users, Tag Cloud, Uploaded Files, Comments of other users, etc.

Many other CRM features that you get in this software are:

  • Contacts: To add and manage contacts, contact lists, and contact maps. Option to filter out relevant results is also present.
  • Accounts: From here, you can view existing accounts, add new accounts, and also view reports associated with accounts.
  • Marketing: Using it, you can view and create new campaigns, view existing campaigns, create Web Lead form (to receive new contacts), track contacts who visit your website, etc.
  • Leads: It is used to create new leads and to view all existing leads.
  • Opportunities: From here, you can create new opportunities and view all previous opportunities.
  • More: In this menu, you get a lot of useful features like Calendar, Email, Products, Quotes, Reports, Media, and more.

The Administrator of this software has some extra features through which he or she can customize themes, personalize background images, customize Widgets, etc.

Joget Workflow

Joget Workflow is the next free open source CRM software for Windows. It works more like a platform where you can add various apps to perform a task like Expense Mangement and Tracking, HR Expenses Claims, Service Help Desk, Asset Management, etc. In addition to that, it also provides simple tools to build your own apps. By default, it comes with a Customer Relationship Management App through which you can manage contacts and other important information of all existing and possible customers. The CRM app present in this software is very basic and has limited features when compared to other CRM software.

CRM features that you get in this free software are:

  • Contacts: As its name implies, this feature is used to add contacts of peoples who may be your current customers, potential future customers, or persons who may lead you to your potential customers. A contact list with all contacts is also available in this feature.
  •  Accounts: This feature lets you manage Joget account of your employees and customers.
  • Opportunities: It is divided into two sections, one section is Opportunity List (to track and manage information of already existing opportunities) and another one is New Opportunity (to add information and account details of new opportunity).
  • Proposal Process: Using this feature, you can add new proposals and also track existing proposals and their status (approved, waiting, rejected).

Overall, it is a simple but very basic CRM software which may be useful for small organizations.


Dolibarr is a free open source CRM and ERP software for Windows. This software works like a platform into which you can add features according to your requirements. By default, it comes with CRM features, so you don’t have to manually add them. Besides CRM, you can also add HR management, Sales, Logistics, Stock, Invoicing, etc. features to this software.

CRM modules provided in this software:

  • Third Parties: This module allows you to manage contact and important information of entities like customers, prospects, and suppliers. The purpose of this module is to keep contacts with current or possible future customers.
  • Commercial: This module is used to manage and view statistics related to Quotations, Customer orders, and Contracts/Subscriptions. Plus, an option to manage interventions is also present using which you can keep record of yours and co-workers interventions. A list of previous interventions can also be viewed using Intervention option.
  • Tools: By default, this module only has one tool to create Email Templates. You can add more tools from its setup menu according to your requirements.
  • Members: Using this module, you can add new members, find out up to date and out of date members, members statistics, terminated members, etc.

The Dashboard of this software is really useful as it shows all important information like Database Statistics, Quotations Per Month, Customers Orders Per Month, Proposals, etc. stats at one place.


EPESI is next freeware in this list of open source CRM software for Windows. This software helps you organize, access, and share business information, records, and other important data with employees and clients. It also makes all the CRM processes more precise and flexible. Plus, it lets users take total control over the management of their data. It is a PHP/Ajax based software. You can access and make necessary changes in it to enhance the overall workflow according to your business.

This software comes with a dedicated CRM Menu through which you can manage various aspects of your business. In the CRM menu, you get options like Companies (add and edit customer companies, notes, and schedule meetings), Calendar (view and schedule tasks, meetings, weekly plans, yearly plans, etc.), Contacts (view, add, and edit personal information and contact details of your customers), Tasks (add detailed description of tasks and to schedule tasks), etc.

Apart from CRM menu, you can find some other handy menus like Report (track of activities like actions taken by employees, date of activity, details of activities, etc.), Shoutbox (it is a messenger feature to directly communicate with other users of this software), Administration (administrator can give or take some rights to/from employees, manage users and their information, view and manage all files, common data, etc.), etc.

Note: In this free version (DIY Edition) of this software, you don’t get dedicated hosting and premium support features. Plus, you need hosting software like XAMPP and WAMP to run it.


Zurmo is a free open source customer relationship management software for Windows. It is an effective CRM software that combines project management, marketing, and sales software into a single unit. It uses gamification to engage users that further helps to increase user adoption. The interface of this software is quite modern and fresh, and is quite intuitive too.

Through this software you can manage and work on various aspects of CRM, which are:

  • Account management
  • Activity management
  • Campaigns and Email Marketing
  • Conversations
  • Group Security
  • Security Management
  • Workflow
  • Reporting
  • Product Management
  • Lead management
  • Opportunity management
  • Marketing Automation

The Administrator of this software has some special privileges using which he or she can manage modules, layoutstables, currency, authentication, email, groups, marketing, plugins, etc. Plus, Administrator can also use Developer tools to configure Bounce, Email SMTP settings, and email Archiving settings.

Note: To run this software, you need software like XAMPP and WAMP.


WP ERP is a mainly an open source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software for Windows. However, it also contains a CRM section which has all necessary CRM features named as Contacts (to add and manage customer contact information), Companies (to add and manage customer and associated companies’ information), Activities (to track and find activities performed by companies or employees), Schedule (to schedule meetings, task over a calendar interface, or just keep track of future schedules), Contact Groups (to manage groups made out of various existing contacts), and Reports (view Activity, Customer, and Growth Report).

This software provides many other comprehensive sections such as HR Management, Leave Management, Accounting, etc. which can come in handy for Enterprise Resource Planning.

Note: This software requires WordPress Desktop Client and hosting software like XAMPP to run.

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