4 Free Song Key Finder Apps for Android

Here is a list of 4 free song key finder apps for Android. In music, a song key is a functionality related to chords driven from major and minor scales. It is crucial for learning music. If you are practicing music and want to find the keys to your favorite songs then this list can help.

It is simple to find keys with these apps. Some of these apps can find the keys of popular songs by taking an MP3 file as input. Whereas, some apps find you the key based on the tones. Each app has a different approach for music keys. I recommend you check these apps yourself to find one that is appropriate for your needs.

My Favorite Song Key Finder App

Song Key Finder is my favorite song key finder app on this list. This app can easily find the song keys. In this app, you can simply add an MP3 file of the song from your device. This app analyzes the file and then shows the song key. Also, this app can also tell you the song key in real-time. This app can listen to a song playing in the background and get the song key for that. Another highlight of this app is that it can find the transpose key as well. When it shows the song key, you get an option for the transpose key. Tapping on that option instantly shows the transpose key of the song.

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Song Key Finder

Song Key Finder is a free Android app to find the keys in a song. This app can scan mp3 files and find the music key of it. Users just have to load the mp3 file of the song into this app and it instantly songs the key used in the song. Apart from MP3, it can also record any song playing in the surrounding in real-time and find the key of that too. Along with the key, it can find the transpose key as well.


  • Find Song Keys
  • Scan MP3
  • Live Scan
  • Find Transpose Key

Tone Key Finder

Tone Key Finder is another free tone key finder app for Android. This app can find the right key from a given tone. In this app, users have to enter the accord of the tune and it will get the key for that. This app has options for major and minor keys. Depending on the tone, users can pick the major or minor key and get the result on the screen.


  • Find Song Key
  • Find Major and Minor Key

Music Key Signature

Music Key Signature is a free Android app that can help users get familiar with and memorize music keys. It provides different ways (charts, flashcards, and quizzes) to help users study. In the end, users can be able to identify different music key signatures on different clefs (treble, bass, alto, and tenor). It’s suitable for new learners or any people who’re preparing for music theory exams.


  • Get familiar with music keys
  • Identify music keys

KeyFur - The Music Key Finder

KeyFur is a free Android app to know which note to play. Users can simply input the notes they are currently playing and this app lists all the possible keys for that combination. The user can then select a key and The app shows them the scales associated with that key. This app shows the Ionian(Major), Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian(minor), and Locrian scales. While showing you the scale, Keyfur capitalizes the major chords that can be played with the notes and lowercases the minor notes.


  • Find notes to play
  • Find keys for tones
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