8 Best Free XML To PDF Converter Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free XML to PDF Converter software for Windows. These software help you to convert an XML document to a PDF document. In an XML document, you can view programs and codes which are readable for both human and for browsers. However, PDF files allow you to save an XML document as a read-only file to protect codes from accidental changes. Apart from XML and PDF, there are few other formats which are supported by most software, such as HTML, TXT, CSS, etc.

If you wish, you can view as well as edit XML documents before conversion in most of these software. Not just that, some software can even perform batch XML to PDF conversion to quickly convert multiple files. Plus, the ability of some software to work on multiple XML files due to their multi-tab interface is also quite handy.

The process of XML to PDF conversion is quite simple as these converters either use Print option to convert a document or use the Save as option to save the document in the desired format. Each of these software has its own strength, so you can go through this list to find the most suitable software for you.

My Favorite XML To PDF Converter Software For Windows:

Weeny Free HTML To PDF Converter is my favorite software because it can convert multiple XML files to PDF at a time. Plus, its ability to convert web pages and other file formats to PDF is also impressive.

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Weeny Free HTML To PDF Converter

Weeny Free HTML To PDF Converter, as the name implies, is a featured software to convert HTML to PDF. It is also used as an XML to PDF Converter software. Using it, you can convert single and multiple XML documents to PDF documents. Apart from XML and HTML, it can convert TXT files to PDF as well. Not just files, but any website or webpage can also be converted to PDF by using the website’s URL.

The process of XML to PDF conversion is a straightforward process where you need to add files by using the add files option. After that, just start conversion process by pressing the convert now button. The conversion process will take only a few seconds to finish; after that, you can view the converted PDF file.

Similar to XML to PDF conversion, you can convert websites to PDF by submitting a website’s URL in its ADD URL menu. However, it takes slightly longer to convert a webpage to PDF when compared to normal file conversion.

Overall, it is a simple and easy to use software that helps you perform quick XML to PDF conversion.

firstobject XML Editor

firstobject XML Editor is a free XML to PDF converter software for Windows. It can also be used to convert various other documents like HTML, XHTML, TXT, etc. to PDF. Plus, it makes it possible to edit and view documents with ease. On its main edit section, you can open and edit one document at a time. Plus, some dedicated tools like Align, Indent, Char Unicode, etc. are also provided by it.

This freeware does not provide any direct option to convert XML to PDF, but by using the Print option, you will be able to save XML document as PDF. To do so, first, open an XML document and then perform editing if required. After that, go to File menu and select Print option that opens up a small print window. In print window, you need to select Microsoft print to PDF option and press OK to save the output PDF at any desired location. Now, if you want to preview the document before conversion, then use the Print Preview option. Preview option lets you view all the pages of your document and at any time, you can return back to its editor for more modifications.

There are few more handy tools that this software contains like Find, Replace, Go to line, Windows menu (to quickly jump between multiple documents), etc.


LibreOffice is a free and open source office suite software for Windows. Using this suite, you can easily perform XML to PDF conversion. In this office suite, you can find various individual software like writer, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, etc. For XML to PDF conversion, you only need its Writer software. In its Writer software, you can open, view, and edit an XML document. All essential tools required for editing are present on its toolbar like text editor tool, font color changer, font changer, page alignment, insert shapes, etc. After editing, you just need to press the Export as PDF button which is present on the toolbar alongside with various editing tools. After conversion, you can open the output PDF document as well.

The main advantage of this suite is that it supports a large number of input and output document formats like XML, HTML, TXT, PDF, DOC, DOCX, WPS, and more. Plus, conversion from one supported format to other is also quite easy in it.

LibreOffice can be used for different utilities including creating fishbone diagrams, making scatter plot graph, editing Math equations, and more.


WordPad is another free XML to PDF converter software for Windows. This software comes by default with Windows, it is mainly used to view and edit DOCS, XML, TXT, RTF, etc. documents types. Plus, it also lets you edit XML documents. All essential editing tools like text editor, font changer, insert tools (to insert pictures, shapes, etc.), find and replace, zoom in/out tools, etc. are also available in it. In terms of format conversion, this software uses its Save as and Print options. For XML to PDF conversion, you need to use its Print option. In this option, you just need to select Microsoft Print to PDF option to convert XML to PDF. For other conversions, you can use its Save as option that lets you save the input documents in RTF, XML, TXT, etc. formats.

Overall, it is another good XML to PDF converter. Only thing I didn’t like in this software is that it shows all the content of a document on a single page without partition.

Notepad X

Notepad X is another completely free XML to PDF converter software for Windows. In this software, you can view an XML file and also perform some basic editing on it like edit text, replace text, copy text, etc. Plus, you can use its multi-tab interface to open multiple documents side by side. But, you can save or convert only one document at a time.

In order to perform XML to PDF conversion, you need to open an XML document using its File menu. The added document will open up in its Editor section, from where you can edit it. After necessary modifications, go to File > Print Preview option (as its print option wasn’t working properly while testing). In Print Preview, you can preview all the pages of the XML document and also perform conversion by clicking on the Print button. Its print preview option by default saves the document in PDF format.

The one thing that I like about this software is its use of different color to specify the different parts of code present in an XML document.

XPontus XML Editor

XPontus XML Editor is yet another free and easy to use XML to PDF converter software for Windows. This software can also be used to view and edit documents of various formats like TXT, HTML, XML, DTD, etc. In it, you can also open multiple documents because of its multi-tab interface. Plus, various dedicated XML tools like validate XML, check XML, schema converter (to generate DTD/XML schema), etc. are also available. This software also contains an outline section that contains the structure of a whole XML document that helps you to quickly jump to a specific part of an XML document.

This freeware comes with a pretty standard conversion steps to change the XML file format to PDF format. To convert an XML document to PDF, first, you need to import an XML document to this software by using its File > Open option. After that, you can make modifications to the document using various available editing tools. Lastly, just go to File menu and click the Print option. Now, select Microsoft Print to PDF from Name menu and press OK to save the document as PDF.


Editra is another free XML to PDF converter software for Windows. It is also a very good text editor and is mainly used to write codes on it. As XML file also contains codes, so it is easy to write and edit codes through this software. For editing, you can use its tools and features like find and replace, cut, paste, undo, redo, etc. Another good property of this software is that it supports multiple tabs which allow you to open more than one document on its interface.

To change the format from XML to PDF, you can use its Print option. This lets you directly print the XML document and also lets you save the XML file as PDF. Besides PDF, you can convert XML file in various other formats like PHP, PYTHON, CS, DOT, and more.

DzSoft WebPad

DzSoft WebPad is an easy to use XML to PDF converter software for Windows. You can use this software as a file converter and also as an HTML editor. This freeware can come in handy if you edit documents before conversion. Plus, its Preview option is also quite advanced that shows the output of respective XML, HTML, and similar languages. Its feature to highlight different parts of a syntax is another very useful addon to this software.

This software is quite similar to other XML to PDF converters where you use print option to convert the format of input XML file to PDF. Apart from PDF, you can convert input XML in various web formats as well, like HTML, ASP, PHP, CSS, etc.

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