32 Best Free Money Management Software

Here are some of the best free money management software which help you track your income and expenses. Create new budget and compare it with your previously saved budgets to control spending. No more writing and keeping records on paper for your personal finances. In this article, 32 best free money management software are listed, which have a lot of money management tools and options. Money management software helps you manage and organize your personal finances with ease and simplicity.

My Favorite Money Management Software:

Money Manager EX:  It is one of the best free and open-source money management software. You can track your net worth, income, expenses, and much more. It also has an Android app for access using smartphone. It provides alerts and reminder options for bill payments and deposits. You can generate graphs and pie-charts report, etc.

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Here are the Best Free Money Management Software:

Money Manager EX

Money Manager EX is one of the best free and open-source money management software. It is a cross-platform application, which comes with clients for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. Money Manager EX is a program that allow users to create multiple accounts, add transactions, categories and reports. You can track your net worth, income, expenses, and much more. It supports multiple currencies such as USD, Euro, Pound, INR, etc. You can highlight income and expense with different statuses and filter them accordingly. It lets you create a database and manage payees or customize transactions record in your database. You can track investments by grouping them in your specific account. It also has an Android app for access using smartphone. It includes all the essential features required for money management:

  • Evaluate savings, assets accounts, etc.
  • Bills and deposits reminder.
  • Cash flow and budgeting.
  • Graphs and pie-charts report.
  • Export GRM and ZIP files.
  • Import CSV and QIF files, and much more.


GnuCash is another free money management software available for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, etc. It lets you track your bank accounts, income/expenses, stock investments, assets, and much more. You can create multiple accounts with different categories such as business, income/expense, assets, budgets, etc. It also lets you generate different reports and graphs for your accounts. You can use various currencies with your account, such as USD, INR, Euro, Pound, Yen, , etc. It also has an Android app which lets you track your financial transactions on the go. The main and important features are:

  • It supports double-entry accounting.
  • Keep tabs of budgets.
  • Import QIF, OFX, and more files.
  • Allows scheduled transactions, and much more.


HomeBank is a free finance management software which helps you manage your personal finances. You can analyze your income, expenses, transactions, etc. in details using different tools and graphs. HomeBank is a good money management software that is available for different platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, etc. It lets you create multiple accounts with categories like bank, cash, credit card, etc. You can track different payees, assignments, budgets, liabilities, etc. and generate reports accordingly. It has a category split option, which splits or assigns the transaction amount into different categories. It offers essential features such as:

  • Import OFX, QIF, CSV, and QFX files.
  • Detect duplicate transactions.
  • Allows scheduled transactions.
  • Interface with 56 languages.
  • Supports internal transfer, and much more.


GFP is another free money management software which has numerous transaction and report categories with editing options. You can create and track multiple accounts with entities like income/expenses, food expenses, clothing expenses, etc. These accounts are considered as categories, and you can also create real accounts (bank account, saving account, etc) to do transactions. It supports 4 different layouts and 7 different user-interface themes. It operates using Java and must be run in administrator mode. You can generate reports of different transactions, and import them as OFC or OFX files. Get customer support by posting your support requests in GFP help menu. Create new budgets and compare with previous budgets by tracking your finances.


Grisbi is open-source money management software which allows you to create unlimited accounts, reports, and categories. It offers categories such as bank, liabilities, assets, and cash for your account. You can create financial data and encrypt them with password. It has a default scheduler, which you can use for payments and reminders by defining date and time. Grisbi lets you manage your accounts and keep track of all income and expenses. It lets you import QIF, OFX, and CSV files, whereas you can also export QIF and CSV files. You can overview your financial health by generating reports with 7 different templates. It works on various platforms like Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Fedora, etc. The main features are:

  • Simple entry accounting.
  • Supports multi-platforms.
  • Provides multi-currencies option, and much more.

Metalogic Finance explorer

Metalogic Finance Explorer is another freeware money manager that enables you to record your financial health, and generate reports for all transactions. If you add your real bank account, then you can import transaction reports directly from the bank. You can add unlimited number of accounts like saving accounts, credit card, budgets, income/expenses, etc. To control the budget, add different entries such as bills, spending, personal expenses, etc. It includes various important features:

  • Download and import transaction reports.
  • Budgeting feature.
  • Unlimited number of accounts.
  • Keep track of stocks.
  • Group transactions into different categories.
  • Record your loans and track payments, and much more.


jGnash is a free money management software which helps you monitor and keep track of your accounts. It is cross-platform software and runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. jGnash can import files from GnuCash or Quicken and generate reports. It lets you add and remove multiple currencies such as INR, Yen, Dollar, Pound, etc. It supports double entry accounting and provides reconciliation tools. You can create multiple budgets and export reports to spreadsheet or PDF files. You can also set reminders, notifications, and automatic transaction entries. It comes with all the essential features required:

  • Auto completion of form fields.
  • Scheduled transactions.
  • Customizable user-interface.
  • Allows tracking investment accounts and transactions.
  • Online updates of exchange rates and stock prices, and much more.


MoneyMe is another finance management software for Windows and Android platforms. You can create and track accounts with income/expense, debts, budgets, and coupons. Simply create a new account by entering a name, currency, opening balance, date format, category, etc. It also lets you make and group your categories such as entertainment, food, vehicle, etc. and their mode of payment. You can manage your budgets using a calendar and search function for transactions. You can generate online credentials to sync data from Windows to Android and vice versa. It generates graphical charts and reports for all accounts to give an overview of statistics. Ultimately, it offers some useful features to manage your finances:

  • Add expense/income with widgets or shortcuts.
  • Statistics for analysis.
  • Online Backups.
  • Transfers between accounts.
  • Export to CSV, and much more.

Money Plus Sunset

Money Plus Sunset is a finance management software by Microsoft. You can create accounts and track income or expenses graphically. It is the replacement of earlier paid version of MS Money, but now is absolutely free. Money Plus Sunset don’t require online activation, and it doesn’t support online features or services from Microsoft. It is available in two versions:

  • Money Plus Deluxe Sunset, and
  • Money Plus Home & Business Sunset.

They offer some decent tracking features:

  • Import Transactions with OFX or QIF files.
  • Update transactions manually into financial accounts.
  • Supports scheduled transactions and alerts.
  • Forecast cash flow, and much more.


Buddi is a simple money management program which lets you setup different accounts, categories, transaction records, etc. It runs on operating systems (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, etc.) with Java Virtual Machine (version 1.6 and higher). Organize your finances with unlimited number of accounts and generate reports accordingly. You can simply create account by entering name, starting balance, and account type (cash, investments, liabilities, credit card, etc.). Manage budgeting with different categories such as entertainment, groceries, household, utilities, etc. You can generate multiple reports such as:

  • Income and expense by category.
  • Average income and expense by category.
  • Pie graph of income and expenses.
  • Chart of net worth.
  • List of transactions and account balances.

Watch My Budget LITE

Watch My Budget LITE is a money manager that includes budgeting tool, accounting tool, debt calculator, and a cash flow spreadsheet. It lets you manage your finances and view statistics with different tabs such as budget view, cash flow view, pay period view, and accounting view. The budgeting tool displays balance graph and lets you sort data by categories, group, description, etc. Organize and track payments with different payment types such as regular, long/short carry-over, and irregular. It allows you to generate different graphs and cash flow reports that can be printed or exported. It comes with some important money management tools:

  • Debt and asset calculator.
  • Auto update of graphs.
  • Track actual payments.
  • Take snapshots.
  • Carry-over system, etc.


MoneyWiz is a cross-platform money management software that offers huge range of features with well-designed interface. You can add multiple accounts and keep track of income/expenses, transfer option, reconciliation ability, balance adjustment, etc. It displays breakdown of transactions and provides access to options like edit, duplicate, delete, and refund. It lets you create and track budgets with categories like dining, utilities, entertainment, etc. You can also schedule a transaction for payments or transfer, which appears on the calendar and acts as a reminder. It allows you to convert normal transactions into scheduled, split scheduled, duplicate scheduled, and auto-pay scheduled transactions. For all transactions, you can generate reports, pie-charts, line charts, and offering bar. MoneyWiz offer features like:

  • Create local backups.
  • Support for loan, investment, taxes, etc. accounts.
  • Group accounts together.
  • Notifications for budget changes.
  • Import CSV, OFX, and QIF files, and much more.

Cash And The City

Cash And The City is another personal finance manager which comes with clients for Windows and Android. You can synchronize files between Desktop and Android Smartphone using cloud storage such as Dropbox, etc. It provides an intuitive platform for planning and tracking your personal finances. You can register all your income, expenses and transactions, then analyze and create statistics and graphs with details. It lets you categorize your income or expenses, such as salary, bonus, groceries, utilities, entertainment, etc. Your income and expenses (recurrent payments) can be scheduled, so that they can automatically update. It includes some excellent money management features:

  • Export files to excel sheet, and CSV.
  • Create charts and tables.
  • Forecasting balance.
  • Balance correction.
  • Password protection, etc.

RQ Money

RQ Money is a free money management software, which uses SQLite as its database to store the financial data. It doesn’t require installation and can be run from removable devices. You can create new database by setting its name, currency, password, and location. It lets you add different categories and subcategories to an account with entities like opening balance, currency, account name, etc. You can also add new transaction by specifying its amount, description, category, date, etc. It also lets you split and duplicate transactions, as well as export them to PDF or Excel files. Generate and export various reports based on the transactions. RQ Money supports multiple currencies such as INR, Dollar, Euro, Pound, etc. and interface languages including English, Czech, Slovak, etc. The useful features are as follows:

  • Unlimited databases and accounts.
  • Provides encryption.
  • Transfer between accounts.
  • Filter and sort data.
  • Comparison between budgets, and much more.


MoneyLine is a free personal finance management software available for Windows and Mac OSX. It is free for non-commercial use. You can assemble and track all your income/expenses, bank accounts, and budgets in one place. Control your finances by tracking your spending and balances. It lets you categorize income and expenses, account transfer, download transactions from the bank, etc. You can monitor transfer between accounts and cross-check spending or purchases. You can also generate reports with expenses by payees, income and expenses, budgets, etc. It exhibits various features such as:

  • Import OFX, QFX or CSV files.
  • Password protection.
  • Unlimited accounts and budgets.
  • Register checkbooks for personal accounts.
  • Split and schedule transactions, and much more.

Easy Cash Manager

Easy Cash Manager is a free application to help you manage and track your income and expenses. You can create different cash-books and assign them to either Standard mode or Business mode. Using standard mode you can keep records of income and expenses. Business mode can be used for keeping multiple amounts for every record. Create a cash-book by selecting currency, adding description and initial balance. You can protect the cash-books from unauthorized access by setting up passwords. It lets you easily sort cash-books by subcategory, date, amount or description. You can get details of your income and expenses for specific time and date using the survey feature. You can generate reports for transaction statistics and export them as CSV files.


KMyMoney is a free money management software that supports multiple currencies, account types, online banking support, categorize income/expenses, budgeting, and detailed reports. You can keep track of your accounts and transactions, and generate a forecast on scheduled transactions. Generate reports for account or payee and add to the financial summary page. It supports reconciliation of bank accounts and import/ export of QIF files. Some of the main features of KMyMoney are:

  • Double-entry accounting.
  • Specification of transactions.
  • Scheduled and split transactions.
  • Monthly and yearly reports, and much more.


Piggy is a free budget management software which helps you keep track of expenses and revenues. You can add multiple entries as income or expenses and keep track of budget. It lets you add different set of colors for different entries like negative balance, normal entry, and zero balance entry. You can generate budget reports and export them as CSV, XML, or MPL files. In order to add an entry, you have to define some entities such as date, amount, mark income/outcome, and write a description. It also lets you modify document path, alter amount format, fonts/colors, etc. Piggy offers a simple management solution for budgets using basic tools like:

  • Manipulation with entries.
  • Enable or disable entries or summary.
  • Customizable interface, etc.

SSuite Office-My Money

SSuite Office-My Money is a cross-platform finance management software that runs on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. It helps you keeping track of your income or expenses and to generate detailed reports. You can create multiple accounts and make transactions, transfers, etc. among themselves. It lets you add new account by specifying the type, balance, and transaction details. You can create and print financial reports by selecting type and fields such as balance, account number, page orientation, number of columns, etc. It offers various features like:

  • Multiple bank accounts.
  • Fund transfer between accounts.
  • Customer support.
  • Cross-platform and free application, and much more.


moneyGuru is a finance management application that helps you manage your financial health. It analyses your financial data and reports in real-time, and remains constantly up-to-date. The search box can be used to open a specific transaction in your accounts. It also lets you configure keyboard shortcuts and a date entry widget to enter dates automatically. Create accounts with entities like income, expenses, etc. and analyze flow of money. It provides detailed graphical representations of reports such as pie charts and graphs. You can import as well as export OFX, QFX, QIF, CSV, or TXT files. Using scheduler tab, you can specify recurrence rate, end date, payee, description, etc. for periodical transactions.


Using BudgetView, you can visualize and track your overall budget with entities like income, expenses, groceries, etc. in one place. You can import financial statements from the bank and categorize transactions automatically. BudgetView shows forecast of your budget where you add a project and analyze impacts on accounts. It provides data encryption option to protect your data with a password. It comes with simple 3 steps for budget management, like:

  • In the Accounts view, import your transactions from your bank’s website.
  • In the Categorization view, assign your transactions to the various entities that constitute your budget.
  • In the Budget view, finalize you monthly budget by defining the planned amounts.
  • In the dashboard section, you can view your current balance, projects, and net worth.

AceMoney LITE

AceMoney LITE lets you organize and track your expenses, set payment reminders, build budgets, schedule payments, create reports and pie charts, etc. Create new account and manage your budget by setting up multiple categories. It supports more than 150 currencies and downloads exchange rates automatically. You can generate and export statements, reports and pie-charts as a HTML, TXT, or CSV files. It also comes with loan and mortgage calculator to analyze debt and mortgage payments. AceMoney LITE runs on Windows and Mac OSX platforms. The AceMoney LITE is for limited accounts, but has all the AceMoney features:

  • Customizable categories.
  • Import QIF and OFX file from the bank.
  • Password protection and scheduled backups.
  • View bill payments with the help of calendar.
  • Create and organize favorites list, and much more.

Accounts and Budget

Accounts and Budget is a free software to manage your income, expenses, and your budget. Create budgets with multiple categories and track comparison between actual and budgeted values. You can schedule transaction for any category and monitor periodic transactions or payments. It lets you import statements from your bank in OFX, QIF, CSV, and TXT file formats. You can generate reports and view your finances as graphs. It comes with a due date tracker, which acts as a reminder for bill payments. Accounts and Budget comes with various features, such as:

  • Use multiple currencies.
  • Customization functions.
  • Export to CSV, QIF, OFX, and HTML files.
  • Technical Supports, etc.

Alzex Personal Finance Free

Alzex Personal Finance Free is another money management software which provides a platform for managing your finances or budgets. You can keep track and analyze your income and expenses easily. Customize application configuration such as date format, language, decimal and thousand separators, automatic backups, etc. You can create an empty database with entries like accounts, currencies, etc. Add new transactions to the database with different fields like amount, target amount, description, etc. The summary view displays your spending, total balance, remaining balances, etc. It offers features such as:

  • Group transactions by categories, tags, and family members.
  • Multiple accounts and currencies.
  • Scheduled recurring transactions.
  • Automatic exchange rates download.
  • Import OFX, QIF, CSV, or TXT files, and much more.

Portable Yapbam

Portable Yapbam is a free and cross-platform finance management software which runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. It is also portable that means no installation required and can be run from removable devices. You can use your Dropbox account to synchronize data between multiple computers. It lets you import your online bank statements or previously saved transaction reports. It alerts you for transactions or balance negativity and manages your periodical transactions. Yapbam creates reports, category-wise charts and graphs for you expenses. You can add unlimited number of accounts and transactions with details such as amount, category, date, and description.

Money On Thread

Money On Thread is a simple money management software that helps you manage and track your personal finances and budgets. You can add, modify, or delete multiple accounts and transactions like salary, credit card, rent, etc. It allows you to view your financial transactions (income or expenses) at-a-glance using timeline threads. You can also view graphs, transaction lists and generate pie charts and reports for different transaction categories. It shows all the transaction on a excel sheet and can be filtered when needed. Each transaction is stored as income or expense, with customized category or predefined categories such as salary income, personal expenses, retails and groceries, etc. It comes with features like:

  • Schedule recurring transactions.
  • Custom categories and reports.
  • Language translator tool.
  • Export reports as CSV files, etc.

Budget Tracker

Budget Tracker is an intuitive budget management software which helps you keep track of your income, expenses, and budgets. You can generate chart reports that graphically display your financial transactions. You can enter your daily expenses into multiple predefined categories or customized categories. It lets you generate reports for your cash flow and export them as a TXT file. It also has other tools such as screenshot thumbnail, bar chart generator, budget distributer, etc. You can simply manage your finances with three steps:

  • Set up Account and expense category.
  • Enter daily transactions, and
  • View budget information with colorful charts.


Budgeter is a free software which helps you manage your money and summarize transactions easily. When you add transactions, it will show your available balance in different categories. It uses double-entry accounting to manage your finances and to keep your data up-to-date. You can divide your money into conceptual categories to track expenses precisely. It displays and summarizes your past transactions for any period of time. It has simple but effective features, like:

  • Planning with multiple categories.
  • Enter transactions using drag-and-drop option.
  • Provides continuous summary of balance, and much more.


CostPal is a free and open-source money management software for managing your income and expenses. CostPal runs on your PC and Smartphone as it comes with clients for Windows and Android. You can track your personal finances on daily or monthly basis. It supports multiple currencies and interface languages. You can edit meta-data tables for accounts, categories, persons, currencies, and subjects. It lets you synchronize data between different devices using your Dropbox account. You can import CSV files for previous transactions and modify or export them easily.


DailyCashManager is an open-source application that keeps record of your financial transactions, and manages your personal finances with budgeting tools. First of all, you have to create a new DCM file to use DailyCashManager. You can enter your assets and liabilities by defining their initial balances. It lets you create and customize initial envelopes by entering some revenue and expenditure. Enter different types of transactions such as account transfer, spend, earn, and generic; and track their flows. It also lets you generate summary reports and overview your financial transactions. It offers features like:

  • Multiple currencies.
  • Categorize envelopes or accounts.
  • Schedule and split transactions.
  • Create recurring transactions envelope, and much more.


PLCash is a free cross-platform money manager cum accounting software that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. You can create and manage your financial accounts with ease and simplicity. It lets you read and analyze your financial data using spreadsheet or word processor, as PLCash stores data as a plain text. In-built report generator helps you create reports and analyze various transactions. It also has the ability to track investments by importing the prices. PLCash comes with tools that can auto calculate balances and corrects any wrong entry. It allows you to import and export files with formats like OFX, QIF, CSV, etc. It has various features required for money management, such as:

  • Reconciliation of bank statements.
  • Print checks with multiple ways.
  • Track performance of investments.
  • Supports transparent data file formats, and many more.

Budget Tracker By Duck Software

Budget Tracker By Duck Software is a free budget management software that helps you to control and manage your finances. You can enter your expenses in different categories such as rent, utilities, entertainment, clothing, and so on. The categories for income, expenses, and budgets are completely customizable. You can track and analyze your expenses for each category using Budget Tracker 3.2. It allows you to generate reports for comparison of transactions and take print out of it. The main screen displays monthly average expenses, monthly statistics, and overall budget statistics.

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