9 Best Free BMR Calculator For Windows

Here is a list of free BMR Calculator for Windows. These free BMR calculators calculate your basal metabolic rate easily. Some of these BMR calculators support both standard and metric units as input, whereas some support only one of these.

I have also added a calculator to this list which has several built-in calculators. You will find health calculators, mathematical calculators, and some other calculators in it. Besides this, it also has some unit converters.

Most of the calculators in this run down can calculate both BMI and BMR.

My favorite BMR calculator for Windows:

BMI & BMR Calculator is my favorite calculator to calculate basal metabolic rate. Its simple interface makes it easy to use. Plus, it supports both standard and metric units. Besides this, it also shows how much calories you should take to maintain your body weight.

I also like Fitness Calculator Module. It comes with more than 10 health calculators including BMI and BMR calculators.

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BMI & BMR Calculator

BMI & BMR Calculator is a free BMR calculator for Windows. It lets you calculate both BMI and BMR of your body. Just enter the required data (your age, gender, height, weight, and your activity level) and click Calculate button. As simple as that.

It provides you a feature to enter data in both imperial and metric units.

The activity level basically refers to your the daily exercises. In this section, you have to select how much physical exercise you do.

Result: It displays your current BMR and also displays how much calories you need to take in order to maintain your body weight.

Fitness Calculator Module

Fitness Calculator Module is another useful BMR calculator. Other than BMR computations, it is intended to do many health related calculations. It has more than 10 health calculators. Some of these are Maximum Heart Rate Calculator, BMI Calculator, BMR Calculator, Resting Heart rate Calculator, Waist Hip Ratio Calculator, Lean Body Mass Calculator, Ideal fat Range Calculator.

In order to calculate your BMR, select BMR calculator from the list and fill the required data. At last, click Calculate BMR button.

The plus point of this free basal metabolic rate calculator is that it also shows a formula for men and women to calculate BMR.


Install CIMA and calculate your BMR easily. Not only BMR, it also calculates your BMI (Body Mass index), BFP (Body fat Percentage), and BAI (Body Adiposity Index). Along with these calculations, it generates an evaluation report. This report lets you know whether you are underweight or obese. Besides this, it also displays the total calories that you need to take every day.

An Info button is provided with every factor. Click this button to view the formula used for the calculation of respective factor.

NOTE: This program is set to the Portuguese language by default. You can switch to English language by clicking Languages menu.

Free BMR Calculator

Free BMR Calculator is a powerful calculator with a straightforward interface.

Just enter your height, weight, gender, and age and click Calculate BMR button. For height and weight, it accepts both imperial and metric units. You can enter data in either of these units and it converts the data into another unit automatically.

Nic’s BMI & BMR Calculator

With the help of Nic’s BMI & BMR Calculator, you can calculate both Body Mass Index and Basal Metabolic Rate of your body.

It is a portable BMR calculator for PC.

As you launch the software, it asks you which factor you want to calculate, either BMI or BMR. Select any one of them and enter the required data. When you are done, click Calculate button. It then shows you the amount of calories per day you need to maintain your weight.

In the Activity Level Description box, you can add your own comments.

The toggle button lets you switch to another calculator any time.

The only disadvantage of this free BMR calculator is that it does not support the metric system for entering values.


Calculatormatik is another free BMR calculator for PC. It has a lot of built-in calculators which let you calculate other health related factors, like BMI, Maximum Heart rate, etc. Besides health related factors, it also has some other calculators, which include: Quadratic Equation Solver, Least Common Multiple Calculator, Linear Equations Solver, Fraction Calculator, etc. Not only this, it also has some unit converters, like Binary to Number Converter, Blood Sugar Converter, Byte Converter, Density Converter, Hex to ASCII Converter, etc.

In order to calculate your basal metabolic rate, you have to select Basal Metabolic Rate calculator from the list of available calculators.

It accepts height in cm and weight in kg. No other units of height or weight are accepted by this software.

BMI, Body Fat and BMR Calculator

BMI, Body Fat and BMR Calculator is a very simple calculator which lets you calculate your BMI, BMR, and body weight by simply entering your age, weight, and height in the required fields. It supports both standard and metric units of data.

This free BMR calculator is actually a Shockwave based program. Therefore, running it is a little bit different from other .exe software.

It runs in a web browser but does not requires an internet connection. Just launch your web browser and drag the SWF file on your browser. After that, this SWF BMR Calculator will start running automatically.

It also displays a message on the screen whether you are underweight or overweight.

NOTE: I tested it on Google Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer. Out of these browsers, it worked properly only in Firefox and IE.

Health Status

Health Status is a free Windows 10 app to calculate BMR. Apart from basal metabolic rate, it is intended to calculate BMI (body mass index) and BF (body fat).

Unlike other BMR calculators in this list, it requires some more information in order to calculate BMR. You have to fill the following fields:

  • Height (in feet and inches)
  • Weight (in lbs)
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Waist (in inches)
  • Wrist (in inches)
  • Hips (in inches)
  • Forearm (in inches)

After entering these values, it automatically calculates your BMI, BMR, and BF.

Omni Calculator

Omni Calculator lets you calculate your basal metabolic rate by entering weight, height, and age. It calculates BMR for both men and women at a time.

It is an online BMR Calculator, but you can run it in your browser without an internet connection by copying the HTML code available on its website for free. After copying the HTML code, paste it into Notepad and save it on your PC in .html format. Now your file is ready to run in a web browser. Just open it by double clicking and it starts running in your default browser automatically.

There is no calculate button, as it displays the result automatically after entering all the values.

It also lets you share the result on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

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