6 Best Free Box Plot Maker Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free box plot maker software for Windows. Using these freeware, you can create box plots for a set of statistical data. For this, you can manually enter data or import data sets from files like CSV, XLS, TXT, DAT, etc. After creating box plot graphs, you can also save the graphs as images or directly print them in most of these software.

Other than basic box plots, some of these box plot makers also let you make different types of box plots such as Factorized Box Plot, Box and Jitter, Violin and Box, Mean and Whisker, etc. Apart from that, you can also customize a lot of box plot related options like quartile method, outliers and notches, etc. One of these also displays various descriptive statistics like mean, median, standard deviation, variance, skewness, kurtosis, range, percentile values, etc. Other than that, you can customize chart appearance like color, viewport, size, axes titles, symbol size, font rotation, etc.

These software provide a lot of statistical analysis tools including data modeling, data visualization, T-Tests, ANOVA, regression, frequencies, principal component analysis, exploratory factor analysis, etc. As for graphs, apart from box plots, you can also create Pie, Bubble, Histogram, 3D plots, Stacked Charts, Matrix Plot, etc., using these.

My Favorite Box Plot Maker Software for Windows:

I liked both gretl and PAST as these let you create different kinds of box plots and you can export the graph to many file formats in these software.

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gretl is free open source box plot maker software for Windows. It is basically an econometrics software which is used for analyzing economic data. It lets you plot data in the form of various graphical representations including Box Plot, such as time series graph, XY scatter plot, Q-Q plot, etc. You can import a data set and then create a box plot for it. To import a data set, it supports formats like CSV, ASCII file, XLS, XLSX, ODS, etc. It also comes with some sample economic data files which you can use, such as test data for Poisson regression, pension plan participation, interest rates and inflation, unionization of workers in the US, etc.

How to create box plot using gretl:

  • Firstly, open a data set from any of the supported files.
  • Next, from Variable menu, you can select Boxplot option to create a box plot. It provides options using which you can create a simple box plot (single variable), box plot with confidence interval for median (single variable), or factorized box plot (two variables).
  • In the Box Plot window, you can edit various graph options including title of plot, title for axes, labels, color schemes, arrow, etc. You can also view numerical summary of box plot data. It lets you copy box plot to the clipboard, save it as PNG, WMF, PDF, or EPS file, and directly print it.

gretl is a nice box plot maker and economic data analysis software. To read about its econometrics’ features, check this article.


PAST is another free box plot maker software for Windows. Basically, it is a statistical analysis software which lets you analyze statistical data using various techniques like data manipulation analysis, data plotting, univariate and multivariate statistics, ecological analysis, time series analysis, spatial analysis, etc.

To create a box plot using it, import a data file (XLS, TXT, DAT), and select data to plot. Now, go to Plot menu and click on Barchart/Boxplot option. You can now select simple box plot as plot type or choose other types of box plots like Box and Jitter, Violin and Box, Mean and Whisker, etc. It lets you customize a few other options including flip axes, select quartile method (rounding or interpolation), and enable or disable outliers and notches. You can also configure graph settings which include color, viewport, size, color map, symbol size, font rotation, etc. It lets you copy the box plot or directly print it. From its Graph Settings option, you can also save box plot as SVG, PDF, JPG, TIF, GIF, PNG, and BMP files.

Apart from box plot, you can create about 16 types of graphs. Some of these graphs are Pie, Bubble, Histogram, 3D plots, Stacked Charts, Matrix Plot, etc.


Orange is a free data mining software for Windows which lets you extract useful information from raw data. It provides data modeling, data evaluation, text mining, and data visualization techniques to do so. Among various data visualization techniques, you can find Box Plot too which lets you create box plot for a set of data. Other data visualization tools include Silhouette Plot, Pythagorean Tree Visualization, Nomogram, FreeViz projection, Linear projection, Radviz, Heat Map, Venn Diagram, Distribution, Scatter Plot, Sieve Diagram, etc.

How to create a box plot using this free software: Orange?

The method to create a box plot in this software is quite different than other listed software. In it, different tools are used as individual widgets. To create widgets, you need to drag and drop the respective option to its canvas. After that, you can connect widgets to perform various data mining operations.

To create a box plot, you can first create a widget from the File or Datasets tool present in Data toolbox. After then, import a data set from files like TSV, CSV, XLS, XLSX, etc., or from a URL. After that, drag and drop Box Plot tool from Visualize toolbox and connect the two widgets. On clicking Box Plot, you can view box plot graph for any of the variables. You can save the box plot as a PNG, PDF, or SVG file, or you can save the report with comments as an HTML file.


JASP is a free statistical analysis software for Windows. Using it, you can create a box plot for a set of data. From its File tab, you can import a data set in CSV, TXT, SAV, and ODS format. Then, you can go to its Descriptive > Descriptive Statistics option. From Plots drop-down menu, you can select Boxplots option and choose the variables to plot. As you choose variables, it will display individual box plots for each of them in an adjacent section. It also displays statistics like mean, median, standard deviation, variance, skewness, kurtosis, range, percentile values, etc. You can also enable or disable which statistics you want or don’t want to view. It lets you export results with box plots as an HTML file.

Other than box plots, you can create correlation plots and distribution plots too. As it is a statistical analysis software, you can find various statistic related techniques including T-Tests, ANOVA, Regression, Frequencies, Principal Component Analysis, Exploratory Factor Analysis, etc. You can also find tools like Meta-analysis, Network, SEM, etc., in it.

SoftMaker FreeOffice

SoftMaker FreeOffice, as the name suggests, is a free office software for Windows. You can use its spreadsheet application which is PlanMaker as a box plot maker. In this application, you can import a data set from XLS, XLSX, TXT, CSV files, etc. Now, select the data from spreadsheet and go to Insert menu > Chart Frame > Box plot chart (horizontal or vertical) option. You will be able to view a box plot for selected set of data. Apart from that, it lets you create various other graphs such as columns, bars, line, area, XY scatter, bubble, radar, surface, pie, stock chart, etc.

It lets you customize chart appearance. You can add trendline, edit chart area (border, filling, font, etc.), and customize chart properties (color, data source, series, etc.). After making changes, you can export box plot or any other graph to an image file (PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, JPG) or simply copy it to the clipboard.

Free Graph Maker

Free Graph Maker, as the name implies, is a free graph making software for Windows. In it, you need to manually add data in the given space. After that, click on the Box Plot button and you will get the respective graph. You can print the box plot or save it as JPEG, GIF, and BMP images.

Apart from box plot, you can create line, bar, pie, radar, column, pyramid, and area charts using it.

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