14 Best Free Music Player with Lyrics for Windows

Here is a list of best free music player with lyrics for Windows. Using these software, you can listen to your favorite tracks while watching their lyrics. These freeware are desirable for music lovers who want to know the exact lyrics of songs while enjoying them.

Many of these software display the tagged lyrics which are already there in the songs’ metadata. Some of these can even fetch lyrics from web sources. For example, lyrics.wikia.com, musixmatch.com, azlyrics.com, lyricsmania.com, lyrics.com, etc. A few of these software provide a desktop lyrics bar which works in background. So, you can play your songs with lyrics and work on different application in a distraction free mode. A floating lyrics option is also provided in one of these software.

Most of these let you tag fetched lyrics into the songs’ metadata. Other than lyrics, you can view or edit multiple tags in a song like title, album, artist, lyricist, cover art, etc.

As these are music players, you get all essential playback functionalities in these software. Also, you can listen to music tracks in various formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, FLAC, etc.

My Favorite Free Music Player with Lyrics for Windows:

Here are some of my favorite music player with lyrics from this list:

  • GOM Audio is one of my favorite audio player with lyrics for PC. It provides a desktop lyrics bar which plays lyrics of a song in a distraction free mode.
  • Mp3nity is another great software as it lets you fetch lyrics of a song from online databases.
  • I also liked MiniLyrics which is a lyrics plugin for various popular media player like VLC, Windows Media Player, Winamp, KMPlayer, etc.

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GOM Audio

GOM Audio is a nice free music player with lyrics for Windows. It displays synchronized lyrics with playing song tracks. A separate desktop lyrics bar is provided which works in a distraction-free mode. You can open any software or browser and work on them while it plays music with lyrics. It lets you move the lyrics bar to anywhere on the screen. Additionally, it provides the flexibility to load an LRC file (lyrics files) and synchronize it with playing audio track.

You get various options to set up lyrics preferences in this music player. These include lyrics font setting, color setting, transparency effect, enable/disable “prioritize ID3 tag lyric data” option, etc. It also lets you edit lyrics of a song.

As an audio player, GOM Audio is one of the best and featured software. It provides several desirable features which include internet radio, support to various music formats, equalizer, user friendly GUI, playlist support, changeable interface skin, etc. It is available for Android users too.


Mp3nity is quite a featured software to tag songs and organize music on PC. It can also be used as a music player with lyrics as it also displays tagged lyrics at the below panel of its interface. If there are no attached lyrics, you can click on Download button to fetch lyrics of a song from online sources. It also provides a Try Next feature so that you can try fetching lyrics from a different source, if not satisfied with previous results. Other than that, it lets you remove, edit, or export lyrics to a local file.

This software also works as an album art grabber and batch audio tag editor. It lets you tag a lot of metadata into a song, such as title, album year, comment, genre, track, etc. In case you want to save metadata of song to a local file, you can do that too.

It is a nice software with music player, lyrics downloader, tag editor, and music organizer. It supports various audio playlists too. Additionally, you can generate playlists using it.

MiniLyrics (Plugin)

MiniLyrics is a plugin for various media players including Windows Media Player, Winamp, VLC, BSPlayer, MediaMonkey, iTunes, AIMP, etc. So, you can use this lyrics plugin with any of these media players. I tried it with Windows inbuilt media player i.e. Windows Media Player and it worked really well. As you play music tracks in Windows Media Player, it displays scrolling lyrics on your screen. You can even enable floating lyrics. While the song and lyrics play, you can work on your other applications and tasks.

When you hover mouse over lyrics, the MiniLyrics interface is shown. From its window, you can customize lyrics display such as font, color, style (vertical or horizontal scrolling, double lines, static text, etc.), transition, etc. You can also change theme and add lyrics background picture. Apart from that, it lets you modify character encoding, change interface skin, search lyrics of a song, upload lyrics, rate lyrics, edit lyrics, save lyrics in a song, etc.

To be able to work this plugin with the supported audio player, you just need to provide the path of respective application file.


ALSong is yet another free music player with lyrics for Windows. It shows a lyrics of the playing song in a dedicated section on its interface. If you want, you can enable desktop lyrics bar to play scrolling lyrics of a song. This desktop lyrics bar works in background in a distraction free mode. So, you can place it anywhere over your screen and work with different programs. It also lets you edit song lyrics using its inbuilt Sync Song Lyrics Editor. It provides some more handy options which include Enable Pronunciation, Search for Lyrics, Report Incorrect Lyrics, and Recommend Lyrics.

It is a nice music player with all essential features. These features include playlist support, music equalizer, support to various audio formats, sound effects, web radio, album maker, etc.

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio is another music player with lyrics for Windows. In it, you can import MP3 library and then listen to your favorite tracks with lyrics. It shows tagged lyrics and lyricist below its interface. If there are no lyrics attached to a song, you can use its Get Lyrics option. This option lets you fetch lyrics of songs from online sources.

It is basically a free music organizer and tagger software. Apart from above mentioned features, you can find Cover Art Finder, BPM Analyzer, Auto Tagger, Add Cover Art from Image Files, Change/Replace/Remove Tags, etc. Beside these, it provides features like Normalize Track Volume, Search Songs based on Filters, etc. As the name suggests, it supports MP3 music files only.


Amarok is one more music player with lyrics for PC on this list. It displays lyrics of a music track on the interface while you play it. You can enable “Scroll automatically” option to automatically scroll lyrics on its interface. If there are no lyrics attached to a song, it shows error “Lyrics: Not Found”. If you want, you can tag lyrics to the songs or edit the already tagged lyrics. Some lyrics settings can be modified including font and alignment.

It provides various other music related features including playlist manager, equalizer, cover manager, bookmark manager, etc.

Free Lyrics Finder

Free Lyrics Finder, as the name suggests, is a lyrics downloader software for Windows. It also lets you play added music, so this can be your another alternative to a music player with lyrics. It provides a Find Lyrics feature which allows you to fetch lyrics from web. It displays lyrics of a track in a separate panel.


Winyl is another free music player with lyrics on this list. You can add individual music tracks or a folder containing them and then listen to songs while watching their lyrics. It supports various lyrics provider services such as lyrics.wikia.com, musixmatch.com, azlyrics.com, lyricsmania.com, etc. It also provides a Google Search feature. Apart from these options, you get options to copy lyrics as well as save fetched lyrics to the metadata of the songs. Apart from lyrics, you can view or edit other audio tags including title, artist, album, composers, genres, cover art, etc.

It provides essential audio playback functionalities, an Equalizer, options like Smooth Scrolling, Visual Effects, etc., and more. You can import common music files as well as song playlists. It supports formats like MP3, OGG, M4A, WMA, WAV, OPUS, M3U, PLS, etc. It lets you add an online radio to hear music as well.

You can change view using the dedicated button on its interface. This option lets you change view from song to different modules like radio, playlists, artist, genres, etc.


Clementine is the next free music player with lyrics on this list. It is basically a free playlist manager and music organizer. You can listen to your favorite songs while playing its lyrics. It fetches lyrics of a song from various online sources, like lyrics.com, lyrics.wikia.com, etc. The lyrics can be viewed from its “Song info” section. It shows other information of a song as well like written by, external links, etc. You can also view artist information from its interface.

This software comes with a variety of tools including Cover Manager, Equalizer, Music Visualization, Transcode Music, etc. It also acts as a playlist creator and manager. You can even add a podcast and listen to it.


Jaangle is one more free music player with lyrics for PC. It displays lyrics and other information of playing songs in a section below. The other information include album picture, artist picture, artist biography, comment, etc. You can enable or disable any of these information as per your preference.

This software also provides a feature to download lyrics from online and display them on the interface.

It is a nice music organizer and player which also displays song information including lyrics. Apart from basic playback features, it has an equalizer too.


Musique is the next audio player which displays lyrics of the playing song. You can import your music collections and then play songs while watching their lyrics. To be able to view lyrics of the song, just click on its i button. It will display lyrics (at right) as well as artist information (at left).

Other than these, you get a Last.fm scrobbling feature. Also, it provides a “Fix Library with Finetune” option.

Lyrics Finder (by MediaHuman)

Lyrics Finder (by MediaHuman) is basically a song lyrics grabber software for Windows. It also provides an inbuilt audio player, hence you can listen to songs while viewing respective lyrics. It lets you change font size of lyrics as per your preference. You can also refresh lyrics or search lyrics with different search engines like Google, Yandex, Bing, etc. It provides an edit feature to modify lyrics of a song and save the edited version in the song.

This software works well with audio formats like MP3, M4A, FLAC, APE, WMA, OGG, AAC, etc.

MeaMod Playme

MeaMod Playme is the next free music player with lyrics for PC. You can play songs and view respective lyrics in its Lyrics tab. If the song already contains lyrics in respective tag, it displays them. Otherwise, you can use its Fetch option to download and display lyrics from online sources.

It provides additional tools which you can use like Audio Control, Radio Player, etc.

KISS Player

KISS Player is a free portable music player with lyrics for PC. In it, you can drag and drop music tracks on its interface and view respective lyrics. It fetches lyrics of a song from web in real time. If it is unable to fetch lyrics from online, it displays “Not Found” error.

You get basic playback functionalities in it such as seekbar, next, previous, play, stop, volume control, etc. Other than that, you can customize a few settings like lyrics text (background color, text color), directories to scan, etc.

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